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Pls be considerate

amappalaamappala Lincoln, NEPosts: 159Member Uncommon

There are a few things I still see ppl doing that I hate:

1) Ppl using the broadcast/shout channel as their general chat channel.

I especially hate those ppl that says that if you dont want to hear them, then turn off your broadcast/shout channel.  Saying 'Hi', 'Hello <name>', 'bye', ... is also unacceptable in this channel.  Imo, these ppl are in dire need of attention.

2) Ppl that use 'get a life' phrase.

I dont think they meant 'pls stop playing mmorpg, and do something more meaningful'.  Instead, I believe they meant 'hmm, you are so uber (or, hmm, I love the contest and you won), so I will just make you feel bad and put you down'.


PS:  Oh, and dont forget that ppl says inconsiderate things to vent out there frustration.  So, pls be considerate of incosiderate ppl too.


  • SutexSutex Milwaukie, ORPosts: 150Member Uncommon
    So, what should we use the /shout channle for? seems you dont like it, but you wont simply turn it off. Also, if you hate it that much then why not turn it off and just forget about it, instead of letting it upset you in this way.image

  • PlassonPlasson LillesandPosts: 79Member

    So people 2 feet away from each others should use a Global channel for just exchanging a few words when they meet on the street?? That sound.. rather like: some guys standing besides each other talking together through their cell phones.

  • GendailGendail Somers, CTPosts: 178Member

    What always got me were the trolls and ogres in EQ that would do their "troll/ogre talk" in /say or even worse in /ooc ( you know the out of character channel) to me that is like saying "This is how I talk in everyday life" Maybe I am just silly like that but I would think that sort of talk should be confined to /roleplay, color me crazy.

  • TaskyZZTaskyZZ Albany, ORPosts: 1,476Member

    I remember the first time I saw some guy do a shout in EQ of:

    A cyclops hits YOU for 135 hit points...

    Freaked me out at first, but then cracked me up...  Shouts and taking damage showed up in the same windows as red...


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