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My tale..

blondiegrrblondiegrr wayne, NJPosts: 1Member
Shaking My Ash, Egyptian Style

I’m an atitd addict , it’s been 3 years since I started my journey as Amunetmel, at the Happy Palace section of Vok. Growing flax looked like an impossible task, as was getting tuition for some of the Navigation levels; where would I ever acquire a large sapphire, a huge ruby, 10 glass rods? I feared just trying to handle the charcoal hearth. The idea of not having to walk to every location was very exciting. Can you tell long hours of walking and “exploring” are not my favored activities?

The purpose behind me writing this is to tell you a sort of history of what goes on in Egypt, what I've witnessed and what many have shared with me. There are many stories to tell, about many people I've stalked, um, I mean, interacted with; if I consider that I’ve played almost every day since September 2003 taking off a week at the most that I can recall.
Many times it’s been hard to remember what tasks have been done since I logged on 8-10 hours ago . I’m sure that feeling is shared by many. Some of you meant to log on for five minutes, that turned into 2-3 hours. Others were doing research for cooking or experimenting with Pyro where that 1-2 hours turned into a full day’s work. Perhaps a friend you hadn’t seen in months (cause of that evil thing they call “RL”) showed up and you couldn’t miss the chance to talk to them and see how they were doing. Perhaps some new face in The Lounge just totally cracked you up, or there was some interesting conversation that you were too amused to escape.

I recall the good times and come to blame Teppy for bad game stuff *grins*. You’ll find little or no information about technical and math stuff (sorry to the “Math is sexy!” mantra from what people like Sigil and The Yami have lived by). My interest is to bring you back to where many people started playing, perhaps so you also see why many of us stay. I hope you enjoy my telling or retelling of my many journeys through this virtual land and these virtual characters, the people behind them and how many have kept me here. There are features in the game that have kept me here, as well; I’ve attended some fun events, learned some low techs along the way sometimes just to kill time, sometimes to give a special item to friends or someone who needs something or other.

My life into mmorpgs began with atitd; it’s still really the only online game life I know. The first day I played from people saying I should give it a go, I loved it. I played for at least 12 hours, watching all the buildings and camps in the open space (as t1 was the time before cp’s) , seeing all the names. I remember the two rows of trees a few coords north of my friends’ camps, about 5 minutes away from where I’d set up my little chests, had built my distaffs. There was a public use handloom; it was crazy when you had no stats to think of how many trips you had to make cause you could only carry 500 and you weren’t even the only one going to use the loom. The trip back when I didn’t get lost at least brought me closer to making a tent so that stuff could be gathered, all kinds of stuff!! *excited grin*. One day, I could attempt to pass a test or two.

My humble beginnings in Vok were witnessed by Jodpar & Mai (the first wedding I attended), Lindala, Guardian with his fortress of little obies. My first night I found the coolest shrooms, on the hills, Iron Knots. I hogged them thinking they would never appear again. I believe this was the time before clearcutting , that dreaded U of Progress skill. It was awful to think of it as a newb, that we couldn’t gather wood for 7 days. There was the fishing; the graphics when you missed catching a fish was so sad as the avatar shook its head, in shame. Then when you caught a fish, it was as if you’d won Catch of the Day; pulling on the fishing rod like nobody’s business. I don’t recall how many dbs you could catch with no speed, no food, or if any pyramids had been built. Yet, I must have been fishing at my good fishing time and good spots cause I caught fish until I was overcarry and had to build a chest. Little discoveries and reading chats helped me advance more in getting resources. It was tough to be new but it was nice to be progressing, taking in what the land and the people offered. There were people who just didn’t talk much or ignored you, but it was nice to see that there were plenty of helpful and kind people.

Karnak was the next region to explore, as Vok was pretty crowded and had it’s people who settled and had their own things going there. The Pacman Lake was near the area chosen to settle in as a new home. There were trees, a long clay patch, wild pappy growing about ten minutes from home, nice fishing spot, palm trees. Later in the telling the Zircon Event was held across from camp.

My avatar that’s survived through three tellings came to life shortly after I moved to Karnak. I ended up using her because I was going to look for onion seeds and a variety of metals at public use mines. Limestone veins were found during one of those journeys which brought me north towards Vok again. In Midland Valley , I got distracted by tin and copper mines. I built a temporary camp between two schools surrounded by water and about 20 trees; a cute little clay patch and a tempting silt spot. I saw what the good life could be; there was a public use handloom not ten minutes away from there. If I could only not get lost in getting from my little camp to the newly discovered location. I couldn’t afford to put in more landmarks on my avatar’s menu. Then there were the buildings disappearing because of lag , or patching of files going on. Whole buildings disappeared , there were messages saying things belonged to “Unknown” and at first I was pretty upset with this guy, “Unknown” who built items “some time ago”.

So many things have happened since then but I will continue my story in another post or 3. I have to go feed my flowies, keeeel the sheepies, find some shroomies, nick the purdy trees so I can get more resin. After having done that, I have the chores of nibbling on Sita, kicking The Yami, trying to find Deeva’s beetonk, foraging Calixes, looking for Hasani’s Southern twang, wondering what happened to the rest of Somecandycane, compiling typos for the sitiCon, finding a good place to hide Neera’s pudding, stalking Reyzer til he gets the automation skill so he can tune my brickmachines, autolooms, and gins ( Ohhhh, yea, we have none of those yet. Well, a girl can only hope for so much, I know I ain’t getting no screwgears anytime soon). See ? Life as an Egyptian is tough. Gotta log.
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