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A Tale in The Desert "The Water of Life"

Ra-WolfRa-Wolf sittardPosts: 1Member
Like every author in this world of internet I played in ATIND II as RaWolfe. I writtin the book  for Startrek Online "Shadow War" and so far its a hit :) so I am going to try in this contest also  :) just for fun ofcourse :+ my English is not all to great but heck

A Tale In The Desert "The Water of Life"

This story will bring you back into the past were you can't find cars or metro's, no we are going way back to the time of were people believed in there gods and the gods repay them for there believe. It all happens in a large desert in Egypt were a men was traveling to find a village to spend the night. He came into a village and looked slowly around as he felt down to his knee's and smash to the ground as some local people runs to him "Get me some water! Quick!" he slowly opens his mounth as the water go's thought his body and slowly drinks it up "Easy my friend....easy....Essax help me getting him into my house" As the stranger black out he got carried into the old men house.

He slowly opens his eye's as he looks around seeing a female putting a wet clothing piece on his forhead "Where.....where am I?" The female looked at him "Your in the Elders house Stranger." He looked at her "What village am I in?" The female looked at him "The village of Kestamo" He lays back as he looks up "Who are you stranger?" He did not look back at her "I am called RaWolfe...." The women almost felt from her chair as she runs outside. RaWolfe looked at her fleeing in scare "Great work you idiot" RaWolfe looked at the window seeing a bird "Ra?" The bird looked at him as he did not talk thought his mounth but thought his thinking " many times did I told you to not tell your real name"

RaWolfe sits up as he rubs in his face "My name is only destroction in every damn area in Egypt" he heard multie foot steps coming closer to the house "Your getting visit ....just keep silents your still working for the gods remember, I trained you well Wolfe.....don't get your self killed" the bird fly away  as some guards and a old men with a scared women behind them all walked into the room "So this is the legendary Wolfe....the fake God warrior" He looked at the guard "Essax shut that mounth of yours and step aside" The guard growls and steps aside as a old men walked to him

"Are you really RaWolfe...." "Don't say his name in honor Master Elder" the old men looked at Essax "Essax leave the room now!" the guard nodded anger and walks out the room  as the old men looked back at him "Are you him?" Wolfe nodded "I am...." The oldmen smiles "then the gods have blessed us....please walk with me" Wolfe nodded as he stood up and walked behind the old men out side as Essax was still cursing the two walked a bit out the city to the rivier

"Wolfe this village is on the south west side of Egypt and ....well all main routes up to there has been blocked ...." Wolfe looked at the old men "Why is that? .." The elder took a deep breath "Because one of my people were thoughts by the black mark that was transported to here....." Wolfe knew that virus has he heard it from Ra himself "The gods were angery at us....or at me, my grand daughter is dieing Wolfe, please if the story's are true that you can heal people with your hands. Stop this and save my grand daughter" Wolfe looked at the river as he stopt walking "I can't help as i don't have those ....powers....the gods can't help you as they will be interfering with life it self." the old men let a tear drop "Then my daughter will die" Wolfe shrugs as he looks at a bird that was ontop of a roof "Sorry Ra....there is a way.....But I will need to get it myself"

The elder looked at him "What is that then?" Wolfe walked slowly back to the town "Water of life....its in the mountians and only reall warriors can get to it many have failt and no one really got to it" The elder walked quickly behind him "What is this water of life then? I do admit that I heard of it but I never saw it?" Wolfe stopted and looked at him "Well....It heals any wounds also the black mark" The elder smiles as Wolfe gets his gear.

Later Wolfe steps outside as he looked forward seeing Essax and a Other warrior standing with weapons there "These are my best two warriors take them with you to this place they can help you" Wolfe shrugs "I don't need any help Elder" Essax growls "I will go anyway Wolfe.. my daughter is dieing" Wolfe looked at him as he thinks it over looking at the path and then back at him "Alright only Essax will go with me, but we make one thing very listen to me if you don't your daughter will go in life without a dad" He walks up the path to the east into the desert "Good bye my friends and family I will return" Essax runs behind Wolfe into the unknown. To save a little girls life.

If you need more just replay ^^ and i'll add a few page's

"..To Bodly Go Where No Men As Gone Before.."

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