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The Tale of the Twisters

DustiTwisterDustiTwister Woodbine, NJPosts: 1Member

DustintheDesert came to Noob Island, October 30, 2005, looking for new friends and a new things to do.  Lost and not knowing what exactly she was doing, She attempted to complete her tasks needed to make it to the main island.  It took her a few hours, but she found herself done and made it to the region of Nile Delta.  The following day  was Halloween.  Since she was not familiar with the daily activities, she aimlessly wondered around until she ran into Pharaoh, who allowed her to follow him around to do some trick or treating from school to university.  They collected fireworks, meantime more folks were gathering in crowds.  Hemptwister, Sallah-Hazerah, and a few others had all come upon them.   Dusti ended up hanging out with a few other folks, going from university to school, collecting more fireworks.  That was the first time she had seen Hemptwister.  Little did she know, He would become a big part of her life.

DustintheDesert became well known as aka LostintheDesert, thanks to her friend Kerria who found Dusti in the mountains upset and ready to give up for being so lost, because she couldn't figure out how to navigate her way around using coordinates or north, south, east, or west.  She was always asking for directions or seeking help from someone to let her follow them either to her compound or to the destination she needed.  

On another day, she ran into CaveCub and was invited to go to a dig.  He was hosting the event and asked her to come along.  Dusti went to the dig and again, met Hemptwister.  He was friendly and inviting all the diggers to smoke the hookah he was generously filling with herbs.  Dusti had no clue what that was about, since it was only her 3rd day in the desert, so she joined in.  Listening to Hemptwister talk and tell jokes was catching her eye.  She was liking his personality, but wasn't quite sure he was like that all the time, or if it was just because he was around all those folks.  So after the dig, and for the next few months, she kept talking to him, thru chat, on a regular basis.  Just about everyday things and what they were  working on, sharing ideas, and interests.  Then he invited her over to see the glider he was building.  She just loved that.  So again, she needed directions.  He guided her clear across the regions into RSO thru chat.  She found his compound and all that was there on his land.  Boy did he love sheep she thought.  He had them everywhere.  He showed her his glider, and how it worked.  The two of them, standing on the mountain, watching the colors, with the sun setting in the background and the moon rising.  It was very magical for her.  But she said nothing.  She kept her thoughts to herself worried it would make Hemptwister think she was too forward.

While there learning about the glider, Hemptwister mentioned he needed a host party.  So being as attracted to him as she was, she instantly volunteered to bring out all her friends and try to give him the host party he wouldn't forget.  She desperatly wanted to impress him and somehow make excuses to keep on visiting or wanting him to want her around.  His glider needed votes as well, so this was a double shot chance for her to gain his attention, or at least make him notice her as someone special for him.

Dusti was still trying to pass the towers test, and Hemptwister loved building them, so he offered to help.  Dusti learned she had to build them in far away places, but was still afraid to leave the compound much.  Hemptwister suggested she do one in LowerNubia.  So, Dusti traveled all the way there, went way out in the desert, but..found herself to be lost and afraid to try to find her way back.  Hemptwister came to the rescue.  He traveled to her, and for the next 3 hours taught her how to navigate.  She was estatic.  Little did Dusti realize she was falling in love. 

The party turned out great.  All of Dusti's friends showed up and then some.  His glider ended up 1 vote short and his host was not entirely prosperous, but she did make a big impact on him.  They all did acro, drank his awsome wines, and smoked hookah's.  Told jokes, and she watched him from a distance listening to him tell jokes again, and how he communicated with the other folks.  She was eager to tell him she was really falling in love, but leary of rejection so she kept it to herself.  She did eventually begin to tell her friends.  

A month later, Hemptwister decided he had had enough of the Tale and was going to dissappear.  Dusti was devistated.  She didn't know what to do or if it was a good time to tell him how she felt.  She wanted him in the desert.  He had become the best part of the desert  to her.  One nite, Hemptwister started giving ownership of all his belongings to either her or guilding them for his guild, so they could use them.  Dusti was in tears, as she watched him one by one, giving up his hard work, only to stop comming around.  She was desperate.  She begged him to at least stay till May, the end of tale2.  He agreed. She had 1 nite to prove to him, unbenounced to him, how much he meant to her.  She started poking around in his compound and came upon some crystals.  Octect's Ghost! She thought to herself.  He must have wanted to build it, he had half the crystals there.  With her crystals and his combined, she was a few short.  She stayed up all nite to find those crystals, knowing he was going to be there in the morning.  She wanted to surprise him with the set to see if maybe bringing back the life the tests gave him, would convince him to stay.  When he arrived that next morning, He was shocked.  She had done it.  He was having fun again.  He built his ghost and passed a test, giving him a bit of excitement he was missing.  She was on top of the world.  

On Feb. 12, 2005, Hemptwister asked Dusti to come out to his place.  Meanwhile, he was behind her back, setting up Sallah-Hazerah to keep Dusti wandering around for a bit.  Dusti was getting frustrated because all she wanted to do was to get to see Hemptwister and hang out with him for a while.  Sallah-Hazerah kept DustintheDesert running around for about 2 hours when finally Dusti messaged Hemptwister and said, I need to be with you before you go.  So Hemptwister had Sallah-Hazerah lead DustintheDesert to Hempwister's compound to find he was not there.  She wondered, where is he?  Hemptwister said to follow to some she went and behold it was on top of a mountain where Hemptwister and all his friends, and some of her friends were awaiting her.  Hemptwister met her at the top of the mountain, He turned to her and asked Dusti to marry him.  She was estatic! Her dream had come true.  DustintheDesert had gotten Hemptwister to know she wanted to spend the rest of the telling with him.  They married, and have been together ever since, Compleating many tests and successes together as Husband and Wife.  

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