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Closebeta vietnam guild

dangphamdangpham charlotte, NCMember Posts: 33

Close beta guild

we invite people to join our guild Phai Vao PHai VO dang de vao guild

lvl 20+



  • vuubuuvuubuu san ho, CAMember Posts: 16
    what's the guild name and how fast does it take to get to 20 lol


  • andreiutzandreiutz Member Posts: 36 Uncommon
    hey what the heck... did the closebeta begin??were can i download it plz gimme the link plz plz

  • MrBubblesMrBubbles Abingdon, ILMember Posts: 26
    This is only for the VN people and its not out for american server.
  • andreiutzandreiutz Member Posts: 36 Uncommon
    owwww  dam I wish 9D will be finished on the next week
  • vuubuuvuubuu san ho, CAMember Posts: 16
    ehh..i dont think you have to be in Vietnam, unless they Banned all I.P oversea and i doutbe Viet ppl would do that


  • PrinceKalePrinceKale toronto, ONMember Posts: 14
    sac. Ong bi Dien ha DangPham Forum nay cua USA Vietnam dang CLose-Beta ba, ong gioi thieu o day chi, khong co thang ma nao choi duoc tu khi o VN hay co ban o VN.
  • hakrificehakrifice londonMember Posts: 4
    But what is the link to the site where you download?
  • nguyenhuyhoanguyenhuyhoa nhatrangMember Posts: 1

    this 's server Vietnam :

    go to site and registry


  • aznxxlilxxaznxxlilxx springfield, VAMember Posts: 1
    i know....i will play vo dang...they are cool...if u guys can read vietnamese langu..u guys can goin to to find more detail....but if u guys want to play in sever vietnam...u need to pay them...
  • NecromanceNecromance Fairfax, VAMember Posts: 6 is giving away 200 free beta keys for american people soon so just relaxe, I'm looking forward to it also ^^

  • AangAang Marion, OHMember Posts: 24
    Cant read Vietnamese 


  • herbboyBRherbboyBR Greenwich, CTMember Posts: 32

    -)G(- Herb Boy McPoT

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