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sly220sly220 exeter, PAPosts: 605Member Uncommon

So this sounds like it would be a fun option to have in a game but hmmm lets think for one second...... okay im gonna put HRs and HRs into a game and a Main Character to get to the end game  then its woot woot woot im at the end game im at the end game and BLAM a dragon takes my head off and my Chr is dead like for good  and all that is left is the cold ground that i lay upon    and what do i get to do Now i get to start over from lvl1  

Oh but i havet to say that the rest of the game looks and seems to be on the up and up and i looking foward to kiling off my main for a head stone in my garden Mwuahhaha



  • CrysithCrysith lawton, OKPosts: 2Member

    Sorry for late reply but yes i agree., Who wants thier character that they have been playing on for hours on end to perma-die?

     Not to mention certain characters have their own language and you are unable to talk to them.

    "Oh Ill just use teamspeak"

    Nope, the game mechanics dont allow any outside progams such as TS, Ven, Skype, etc etc to run while the game is running.

    "Well I want to play a Dragon and my friend a Griffon."

    Well I hope you guys have speaker phone because you wont be able to talk to each other.  And how hard is it for a company to make an MMO with playble dragons?

    In TOA you will be hunted and killed on site. They have no sympathy. Just talk with these crazy people on the forums.

     Sure if I was a dragon I could kick some tail but dragons start out weak and are hard to gain exp as there are no level bases.  So you would be speding time hiding and hunting rabbits for food.  Im not a big fan of pvp but if this game were to offer an non pvp server then I will try it. What happened to community?

     But like all things. Wait and see.

  • shane910shane910 in, NCPosts: 359Member

     Looking like it's not gonna happen now but I think it would have worked out fine with PD.

       You would have like 100 deaths before it was permanent.  I played WOW for a few months when it first released got a hunter to 60, I have to say I died all of mabe 40 times.(poor groups)  But to be honest I didn't do much PVP in that game untill lvl 60.  But once I was lvl 60 it wasn't long before I started experimenting with other chars, so another 60 deaths(hard core PVP) untill perma-death and I get some cool artifact for all my hard work that I was getting bored with anyways wouldn't be so bad.

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