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Horizons: EI Buys Horizons

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

EI Interactive has purchased Horizons. The company has been sold and Tulga is no longer involved in its development. According to the press release, the new company will be based out of Phoenix, Arizona.

E I Interactive Acquires “Horizons: Empire of Istaria”

BUTTE, MT - (July 20, 2006) EI Interactive (EI) has acquired the game Horizons: Empire of Istaria from Tulga Games effective July 21, 2006. Horizons is an online role-playing game originally published in 2003 by Atari, Inc. and winner of multiple game show awards. Horizons has gone through a genesis, emerging today as a world class MMORPG providing a very stable and intrinsically interactive persistent universe for play.

The quality of the Horizons community and the potential of the Istaria world defines this game as a flagship property. EI is committed to maintaining the integrity of the Horizons way of gaming and will continue the Horizons support in a new Phoenix, Arizona office.

“The magic of Horizons is not only in its uniquely supportive community, but also in the deep potential this game has for a player’s participation in building the environment and growing the storyline”, said EI Chairman Edward C. Andercheck, “the success EI has had in building the Savage Eden community is a great testimony to our in-game event team’s efforts, we look forward to the same experience in Horizons”

EI Interactive is a Butte, Montana division of EI Communications Corp., an established publisher of online content, including MMORPGames, casual games, web based game portals and information sites. EI Interactive combines an intense customer service culture, broad gaming experience and in-depth technology skills to provide a uniquely strong platform for a superior customer experience.
For more information, visit: - or contact us today at

Dana Massey
Formerly of
Currently Lead Designer for Bit Trap Studios


  • ciidciid wtf mate, ALPosts: 184Member Uncommon
    Is this another bad debt scam there running selling the company to them selves?die bowman!
  • shaeshae Ottawa, ONPosts: 2,509Member

    Wait wait... I'm so confused, hadn't Tulga announced an Expansion and a new game, Dark World Online???

    Now Horizon get's sold, the dark world online ( goes nowhere... Isn't anyone picking up on this story?

  • pirrgpirrg gothenburgPosts: 1,443Member
    one mans trash, another mans... trash. 

    I am the flipside of the coin on which the troll and the fanboy are but one side.

  • TymoraTymora Manorville, NYPosts: 1,312Member Uncommon

    Maybe Tugla is concentrating their resources and efforts on their new game and giving up on Horizons?  Afterall, there was a lot to fix in Horizons.  After getting some experience with that mmo, maybe they are now ready to take on their own project from scratch.  The theme of their new mmorpg looks interesting.

    I always wanted to like Horizons.  I haven't gone back to try it out in a long time.  I wonder how it is now, especially after this new development?

  • CopelandCopeland Overland Park, KSPosts: 1,955Member

    Is Bowman still involved or will this end his involvement?

  • sly220sly220 exeter, PAPosts: 605Member Uncommon
    So like dumb question is this a bad thing?


  • SvayvtiSvayvti Portland, ORPosts: 160Member
    EI bought the game, not Tulga. So apparently ALL of Tulga gets the axe.

    Considering how well they've been doing at turning Horizons around, that can not be a good thing.

    and since EI only bought Horizons, and there is no more Tulga... there will be no DWO.

  • DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member
    We will have a lot more on this story later today.

    Dana Massey
    Formerly of
    Currently Lead Designer for Bit Trap Studios

  • KaneKane Seattle, WAPosts: 780Member
    What the...? I was really getting interested in Horizons again. They were talking about a new graphics engine (from that other game they are working on) and lots of game enhancements that would totally turn the game around. I REALLY hope the followup clears up whats going to happen now...jeeze.

  • shaeshae Ottawa, ONPosts: 2,509Member

    Originally posted by Lepidus
    We will have a lot more on this story later today.

    That's awesome Lep, thanks bunches. Hopefully you will be able to find what the deal is with Dark World Online also, as it's all hella confusing.

    Thanks for the work though.
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