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EverQuest: Progression Server Q&A #3

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

Jason Mash and Travis McGeathy drop in to answer the third in our Progression Server Q&A series. On top of the usual, we also find out some details on the upcoming expansion.

image Graphics aside, were any zones revamped for the Progression Servers?

Travis McGeathy: Over the past few years of EverQuest’s development, there have been a number of zone revamps, in terms of both graphical quality and content.

On the content side of things, the content changes generally made the zones more challenging, and in some cases impossible to complete on the Progression Servers. We did revert a lot of those content changes specifically for the Progression Servers such that players would be able to experience that content as it was prior to the changes.

On the graphical side of things, we didn’t revamp any zones specifically for the Progression Servers, though a number of zones that had been revamped previously (the Desert of Ro, Nektulos Forest) will be in their new versions on these servers.

You can read more here.

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  • anarchyartanarchyart north delta, BCPosts: 5,378Member
    Really enjoying the progression server. Amazing that one or two devs did the job. Love the new revamped zones btw, keep doing that!!!!

  • DajminDajmin LondonPosts: 54Member

    Never really had a chance to play the progression servers because I'm usually too busy on my regular one, but I know a few of my friends were talking about going back to relive past glory :)

    Quite interested to find out more about the new playable race in the upcoming expansion, but what kind of name is "The Serpent's Spine" anyway? It has no "of" in it!
    Every other expansion is Something of Something (Ruins of Kunark, Scars of Velious, Shadows of Luclin, etc.) and this one will break the long tradition.

    Nonetheless, the expansion title makes me think that maybe a new version of the Shissar could be the new race?

    I'm also hoping that the Luclin character models will be updated soon as well, because I love the new style of graphics have and would love to see my Dark Elf resemble the top part of the new drachnids.

  • GoldenkarmaGoldenkarma Lawrenceville, GAPosts: 12Member
    Its tough to compete with all the MacroQuest users in game. Its really too bad. The Progression server was a great idea, but if they cant keep the cheaters out then its pointless to play.
  • alienpriestalienpriest Sacramento, CAPosts: 39Member
    Wow, my wife still plays EQ, though it feels to me like I haven't played at this dinosaur of a game for about the same amount of time it's been since I've played Pong. How many years has it been and people are still playing this archeological piece of video game history? Now that's staying power.

  • TiiKiiTiiKii Durango, COPosts: 162Member Uncommon
    I love how they did the Progressives!!
    I play on Combine and my regular server..

    IMHO.. I don't think EQ is a "Dinosaur" To me.. this long running MMO is still the "Cat's Meow"!

    With the new expansion coming out in a couple of months, I believe alot of old EQ'ers will dust off their accounts - come back.. and enjoy this babe once more!!


  • LongswdLongswd No, CAPosts: 155Member
    I was there day 1 retail of Everquest. I came back, briefly, to try the Progression servers, hoping to recapture the original feel. I was disappointed. So many of the zones have been changed, to the point they are nearly unrecognizable, that it pretty much ruined my NostalgiaQuest.

    The overcrowding, with it's accompanying zone-wide lag was nothing short of horrific. The poverty sucks, with none of the good quests or profitable zones in yet. While that certainly brings back memories of the original, those are ones I could do without.

    One pretty large aspect I think they screwed the pooch on, was not finding a way to transfer the newer spells to old world vendors. Many of those spells where designed to shore up some pretty glaring class weaknesses or to make certain classes ( particulary the hybrids ) more desirable to a group. The lack of these modern improvements to the classes, brings back the evil old days of the Holy Trinity of the tank, healer, nuker. While it's not gone away entirely on the normal servers, much has been done over the years to address that problem.

    You can never really go back I suppose, though it was a decent effort.

  • DajminDajmin LondonPosts: 54Member

    Dinosaur or not, the progression servers are all kinda pointless. In a couple of months time everything will be unlocked and the prog servers will be exactly the same as all the others.

    The only long-term difference is that players will have less money and therefor need to actually put some effort in to get better gear! :) And again, it'll only be that way until a handful of people start selling stuff.

  • AzerekiAzereki Elk Grove, CAPosts: 14Member
    The progression server is actually quite fun, they have done a better job with it than I had originally expected going into it. :)

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