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RAN Online: Q&A with PB Kim

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

PB Kim is the Lead Designer of RAN Online. This MMORPG puts players in an Asian campus setting as they compete against each other. Recently, Garrett Fuller had a chance to interview them about it.

image RAN supports PKing or player killing in the game, how has this worked out for both players and game development?

PB Kim: The PK System is a sort of burdens for the developer in terms of considering balance not only between the player and the monster but also between the players. It might be very boring if there is only Player Vs Mob system and millions of players only slaying mobs everyday. The ‘troubles’ between players will give them some kind of ‘subject’ and it may bring a ‘fun’ for others in the game. Also the PK System is the one many of our users suggested continuously. Therefore, to challenging or searching for high-level player, people traveling around the Game Centers and looking for X Box Live. This can prove how much people enjoy the PK System.

You can read more here.

Dana Massey
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Currently Lead Designer for Bit Trap Studios


  • LyfeLyfe CalgaryPosts: 45Member

    Did anyone get a good chuckle out of this? I have trouble beleiving they can't afford an english speaking PR Rep to do interviews. It looks like this guy just used the babelfish program to translate some answers.

  • kagenuikagenui N/APosts: 1Member
    Well I didn't. I would understand koreans and the way they speak. Eitherway, the game is really good and what he said was right. GO PBKIM!!!! ROCK!!!
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