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Gods and Heroes: Scout Feat Tree

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

Community Manager Daniel "Deodatus" McLaren is back with another developer journal look at the 1-20 level feat trees in Gods & Heroes. Today, Chris hones in on the Scout class.

image The Scout is one of the most versatile and intriguing character classes in Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising™. They are also one of the more enigmatic, being that they are more at home sleeping under the stars and living amongst the animals in the wilderness than they are dwelling in the relative luxury and comfort of Rome. They have a wide variety of talents; in addition to utilizing a bow and arrow to devastating effect, they are also masters of woodland lore, stealth, and trap-making. As evidenced by their Feat Tree, the Scout will be a vital part of any group of heroes seeking glory in defending the honor of Rome.

Feats like “Aimed Shot” and “Piercing Shot” make even a lower-level Scout a ranged-combatant to be dealt with. As they grow in experience, Feats like “Rapid Fire,” “Auxiliarius' Target,” and “Searing Shot” make their attacks even more overwhelming. While delivering massive amounts of damage from long-range is their specialty, Scouts can perform other Feats while in battle that increase their lethality, such as “Crippling Shot,” which slows down their enemies, further reducing the opportunities those enemies have to inflict damage on the swift and elusive Scout. They are also endowed with a variety of Feats that boost the combat prowess or defenses of the other members of their party, such as “Fire Volley,” “Targeting Aura,” and “Scatter.” Taken together, these Feats will make the Scout a most-welcome addition to any band of campaigning heroes.

To see the full tree click here.

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  • xxthecorexxxxthecorexx Bridgewater, NJPosts: 1,078Member
    yeah, the guild wars trees were nice weren't they.


  • RabidaskalRabidaskal ManilaPosts: 238Member

    Looks boringly similar to WoW's hunter class.

    Even the icons look the same, 'Hide' = Stealth/Shadowmeld

    I don''t really know when Humankind will die out but i''m guessing about 6 years before WOW.

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