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General: Game/On: Mark Jacobs Interview & More

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

This week on Game/On, Dana Massey returns to the show to sit down for a one on one interview with Mythic Entertainment CEO Mark Jacobs regarding the recent announcement that Mythic will be acquired by Electronic Arts.

But that's not all. Garrett Fuller and Jon Wood discuss all things MMORPG, including the new statistics released by

Next week, Garrett Fuller and Jon Wood will bring you one of their patented commentary shows.

You can hear the podcast at this link. It is available directly on the page, direct download as an mp3, RSS feed, iTunes, iPodder, or

Check back in week for a commentary epsiode of Game/On.

Dana Massey
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Currently Lead Designer for Bit Trap Studios


  • SirBruceSirBruce San Jose, CAPosts: 95Member

    Thanks for the mention of my website, even if you didn't have much time to talk about it besides AA and DDO. :)

    You might also wanted to know that NCSoft has "written off" AA from a financial standpoint, a further sign of its disappointing showing:


    Analyst, Consultant, Writer

  • FreedomBladeFreedomBlade LeedsPosts: 281Member Uncommon

    I am necroing this to link my question:

    Will we have anymore MMORPG podcasts? It would be very nice if we could have !


  • ChirugaiChirugai Santa Clara, CAPosts: 304Member Uncommon

    Please do not necromance old threads. Thank you.

    Fortune favours the bold.

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