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UU Avatars

NeoGholaNeoGhola MelbourneMember Posts: 27

Well, it seems that almost everyone here is in Util Uru.

What's your Avi name on D'mala, as we'd probably run into each other before long.

I am Ghola, ID#1305474


  • I do have my KI# stashed away somewhere, but that makes little difference b/c I'm not on D'mala (see constant lament on DPWR, UO, and D'ni Guild).

    I'm on Slackers, and I don't know my KI# there either.

  • JevasiJevasi Lock Haven, PAMember Posts: 4
    I am Jevasi on the Dmala shard
  • SeaOtterSeaOtter Chicago, ILMember Posts: 32
    I spend some time in D'mala -- Otter, KI# 3208670

    The rest of my online time is spent swimming lazily on the Slacker's shard. 

    I will keep an eye out for you Ghola, it's a pleasure to meet you.

  • NeoGholaNeoGhola MelbourneMember Posts: 27

    You too, Otter. I'll keep an eye out for you.

    If you have no objections, may I add you to my buddies, then I can see when you're online. You can add me too. (All of you, that is.)

  • RTRebuilderRTRebuilder Alexandria, VAMember Posts: 13
    My avatar is Robert The Rebuilder, and my D'mala KI# is 998524.

    See you in the caverns!

    Can we rebuild it? Yes, we can.

  • NeoGholaNeoGhola MelbourneMember Posts: 27
    In a few months time, hopefully we'll be back letting people know our Uru Live #s
  • SeaOtterSeaOtter Chicago, ILMember Posts: 32
    Wow, am I looking forward to that.

    I know I may not be in any of the Beta testing (you don't know til you know) and then of course you can't tell anyone until open Beta, but just knowing we had reached that stage would be great

    And honestly, how many progenitors of a game would come online to a Town Hall to take questions from the players? 

    So yes, as soon as I am Live and allowed to talk about it, I'll post my KI number, and please feel free to make me a buddy. 

    See you guys in the cavern!

  • TaniquetilTaniquetil LondonMember Posts: 214
    Leshaan , usually hanging around in DRC 38 :)
  • IcelanceIcelance Barrie, ONMember Posts: 2
    I was wondering how I go about playing UU.. I have myst URU.
  • SeaOtterSeaOtter Chicago, ILMember Posts: 32

    I can send you an invitation, if you'd care to PM me your e-mail account (sometimes hotmail will bounce them, so if you have a non-hotmail you're willing to use, that's great.  otherwise, I'll send until you say you got it), I will send you an invitation with a link to the page with instructions and any necessary downloads.

    You already have the disc of Myst URU, and there's no fee for Until URU, so that should take care of it.

    I will also send you a link to the Tech and Gaming forum for it, if you'd like.

    Looking forward to seeing you in the Cavern!

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