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Don't let "Non-Violent" fool you into complacency

EleriEleri Seattle, WAPosts: 12Member
Just because you may not be able to run amuck killing things, doesn't mean there won't be conflict, confusion and challenges. Keep you mind open, and let the blister on your trigger finger heal ;)


  • ilmgilmg LondonPosts: 9Member
    Well said, Eleri. I trust Uru Live will be quite tense and require quick decisions from the players with dramatic consequences. One vilain is confirmed and I am sure it wil be someone persuasive leading many naive players astray. :D

  • NeoGholaNeoGhola MelbournePosts: 27Member


    So the villain rumour has been confirmed, has it?


    Of course, all the Myst games have had their intense moments of conflict, though only the scenes with Gehn required you to actually time your movements - and then only minor timing.

    Of course, we all know how quick-thinking you have to be in Uru to begin with - just think of powering up Gahreesen!

    But, as with the Myst series, we may find ourselves face-to-face with the villain, but before we're actually able to do anything to actively stop him/her, s/he'll probably have access to a Relto book or a Link-Cloth like what Yeesha and Esher have in End of Ages for quick escapes.

    Either that or it's a rougue Bahro.

  • Oh dear. Unfortunately, I fall into the category of naive MYST player. I let Sirrus free in MYST, I didn't fall for Gehn's trap in Riven, I had to try to get the ending several times in Exile (Saavedro just kept coming back to clobber me), I did manage to get the right ending in Rev, and I first gave the Tablet to Esher and then to Yeesha before releasing the Bahro in End of Ages.

  • SeaOtterSeaOtter Chicago, ILPosts: 32Member

    Lego, here's a good hint...


    Whenever a character asks you to trust them or tries to get you to understand them...



    But impressed you're so honest.  Most people would never admit it. 


    I liked the villain in MYST 3 but I knew I shouldn't trust him.  The game took me longer than other people, but I didn't stop until I found a way to help him without exposing myself.

    (sigh)  Probably the result of a few relationships... 


  • I only trusted Saavedro the first time.

    The other 5 were figureing out how to do it without exposing myself too.

    I really liked Saavedro's dynamic nature, how he started this quest vying for reconcilliation with Atrus, but as things progressed he became bitter.  I thought that he was by far the most dynamic character in the MYST canon.

  • RTRebuilderRTRebuilder Alexandria, VAPosts: 13Member
    After he clonked me on the head a few times, I really enjoyed ditching Saavedro after gettimg the Releeshan book.  [It's payback time!]  Of course, I also did the correct ending as well, just to be fair.

    For those that like shoot-em-ups: just try out the BFG in Teledahn and wait for shroomie to appear!  [I've never been successful in nailing him, though]  Of course, that would be missing the point: the puzzles to solve, and the story behind each age.

    Can we rebuild it? Yes, we can.

  • NeoGholaNeoGhola MelbournePosts: 27Member

    Although, I believe with the Myst series, there is NO correct ending, only a certain ending where everything happened to go as planned and therefore continues the story accurately.

    After all, all the different endings are reflections on how we as the Stranger are influenced by the words of those we come across.

    Surely, there are those who listened to Sirrus' words as truth in Myst, and shunned Achernars, and when it came to the last book, listened to his words and left it alone - just in case it was a trap book...

    When I finished End of Ages, I went up to Yeesha first, but seeing that tired, sad expression she wore made me turn away - it surely would not be a good ending. So I went to Esher... After that I was wondering around for ages with that tablet before I thought of how to do the ending...

    Too bad we couldn't write on that last tablet, though...

  • SeaOtterSeaOtter Chicago, ILPosts: 32Member
    SPOILERS sprinkled throughout

    Well, to be honest, I would always save my game when it was feeling endish so I could go back and try other stuff.

    My brother and I, when we were first playing MYST together (way back when it first came out), got into a small fight -- he wanted to complete one of the books and I wanted to find another option.  It was his computer so we gave the last page to one of the books and I did not say, "I told you so."  We never refer to it. 

    So in every game, whenever I don't like any of the solutions, I balk like a mule til I think of another one. 

    In MYST 5, it hadn't occurred to me that I could  give it to the Bahro -- I didn't want to give it to anyone else and I set it down, thinking they would return it to the pedestal where it was going to stay until I thought of something better.  Every other tablet they had returned without keeping so I thought (I don't know why) that they couldn't keep them.

    So I only get half-credit for choosing that ending. 

  • NeoGholaNeoGhola MelbournePosts: 27Member

    When I played each of the games for the first time, I tried for the best ending possible, then after I got it, I played it again, stuffing around to see as many other endings as I could.

    How many people were honourable and let Saavedro out at the end of Exile? (And how many people forgot to change directions to let the outer shell down, instead of the inner one, only to find Saavedro behind out, clubbing your brains out?)

  • Sudre_Sudre_ St. Louis, MOPosts: 6Member
      I'm not bragging here but when I played EOA I heard what Yeesha said about not wanting the tablet and what Escher said shortly after that and decided then that I was giving the tablet to the Barho. At the end when I got the tablet, I stepped out and saw Yeesha and wondered what the Barho were going to do with it when I set the tablet on the floor. I was affraid they were going to lock it back on it's pedistal. I was plently suprised.
      Of coarse I had to go back to see what would happen if I gave the tablet to Escher. After getting trapped on the Myst Isalnd I walked around pulling handles. Did anyone else notice that one of them breaks off?

    -Sudre from Amber Horizons hood on the D'mala shard

  • number6number6 Kansas City, MOPosts: 3Member
    I went the Escher route first because there was no way I was going to miss going back to Myst Island.  I knew the tablet needed to go to the Barho, but I just could not resist going back!  I was really hopeing there would be a way to go to Myst Island and explore, then link back and not put the tablet on the dias, because I knew Escher was going to screw me.  Unfortunatly, the only way to see the island was to give the tablet to Escher.  I mean really, did Cyan think I would give up a chance to explore, a chance to go back to where it all began?  I tried laying the tablet down all over Myst Island to give it to the Bahro, but they never came.  I must say I kind of felt cheated, that in order to see something so compelling I had to do something I knew was wrong.  It was still worth it though, as even in it's faded beauty Myst Island felt like home.
  • Sudre_Sudre_ St. Louis, MOPosts: 6Member

    Originally posted by number6
    .... Unfortunatly, the only way to see the island was to give the tablet to Escher.  I mean really, did Cyan think I would give up a chance to explore, a chance to go back to where it all began?  I tried laying the tablet down all over Myst Island to give it to the Bahro, but they never came.  I.....
    Maybe that was done on purpose. Maybe the ending was supposed to be Escher getting the tablet and that leads us to what is coming up on live. I believe this was an on going thread on the uru-live forum.

    -Sudre from Amber Horizons hood on the D'mala shard

  • number6number6 Kansas City, MOPosts: 3Member

    Wouldn't it be great if URU Live started on Myst island.  Now that would be a trip!

    BTW, by replying to my post you gave me enough stars to hype games, so URU got a big 10 from me!

  • RickmanRickman New York, NYPosts: 5Member

    LEGO ADDICT: Why the lack of spoiler tags? You pretty much spoiled the ending of every Myst game to date without tags.

    But on a lighter note...


     I let Sirrus out... then let Achenar out... then got myself stuck in K'veer. I used the trap book on myself and opened the Star Fissure too early. I lost the Releeshan book and was later clubbed to death by Saavedro. I also waited too long to pull the right lever in Serenia. In my own defense, I made no mistakes with the Tablet. ;)

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