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Where willl you start in Uru Live?

RTRebuilderRTRebuilder Alexandria, VAPosts: 13Member
At this point in beta development, it is unclear in which age the player will begin when they start Uru Live.  We were told that it would not be in the cleft (see the Josh Staub town hall notes), "but it will be very familiar". 

Personally, I hope it will be in Tomahna.  But realistically, I think it will be in an age that they already have a real-time model for, such as the Volcano interior - they can just borrow it from Myst V.

Where do you think we will start?

Can we rebuild it? Yes, we can.



  • JevasiJevasi Lock Haven, PAPosts: 4Member
    Tomahna would be nice but think that the inside of the volcani is more likely
  • Te'anaTe'ana Athens, TXPosts: 7Member
    I vote for Teledahn, just because its my favorite age.
  • DeviceMDDeviceMD NYPosts: 12Member
    That's a very good question and I've been wondering a lot about it. Probably not Tomahna though. The volcano interior is a bit more likely.

    If it's not the volcano then I'm stumped.

  • NeoGholaNeoGhola MelbournePosts: 27Member

    Hmm... The question is a little vague...

    As to "What Age will we start?" If it's not the cleft, it also rules out Tomahna and any D'ni locations (It's all on Earth.) I'd probably say most likely Gahreesen, as the KI is vastly important to the Uru story. It's either that or you start automatically in Relto...

    If you interpret the question as I suppose you intended it, and make it "What LOCATION will we start?" It's either going to be Gahreesen again, for the above reason, or somewhere inside D'ni itself - Either the Shaft/Eder Tomahns, K'veer or Ae'gura itself.

    Personally, I'd like to see more of the City opened, rather than a carbon-copy Neighbourhood and Ae'gura. And the ability to retrace Atrus' steps from Cleft to D'ni, and the path taken on his first Book-hunt.

    But, that's just me.

  • Kai-UweKai-Uwe WolfenPosts: 5Member

    I believe that we will start in a neighborhood. There we can find a linking-book to Gahreesen or perhaps we will find a KI-dispenser in a room in the hood (as a new feature in the new Uru-Live). So we can immediatly start with exploring and chatting and meeting friends.


  • I would have to agree with Kai-Uwe on the hood being the starting place. I was at one of the twon hall meeting where that was discused. I was said by the guest peaker that the starting place would be a place where people coming in for the first time would almost instantly be interacting with people. The hood is the most logical place for us to start. And as Kai-Uwe said all you would need to do is use the hood garheesen book to get your ki. then ta da it chat city.

  • ireenquenchireenquench ColognePosts: 8Member
    My guess is we will start in Relto... with a linking book to the hood.


  • ilmgilmg LondonPosts: 9Member
    Myst island? :)

  • SeaOtterSeaOtter Chicago, ILPosts: 32Member
    If we all start in the same place, say at 9 am Cyan time on Day 1...

    mightn't that make for difficulties?

    I don't mean server-wise, but seeing huge numbers of avvies all in the same area you are in...distracting

    so there might even have to be a variety of natural progressions?

    (clearly I don't yet know how much of Uru Live is going to mirror UU and would be happy to know that)

  • ilmgilmg LondonPosts: 9Member
    Hmm... good point, SeaOtter. I haven't been following all the meetings, but I have the impression I have heard Cyan wanted Uru Live to allow player to meet others sooner in the game. I have no idea what solution they are thinking for this to happen.

    Perhaps people are randomized to neighborhoods so they are evenly distributed and there is no overcrowding? Or we do start in a welcoming age/ area that doesn't stay crowded for long as you can advance quicker?

    I think starting in Myst or where Myst V ends would be awesome. :D

  • SeaOtterSeaOtter Chicago, ILPosts: 32Member
    I barely remember the end of MYST 5 - I remember the ending I chose, that it was the happy ending, and that I was flown, which was a hoot.

    What was the location at the end of MYST 5?  Of MYST 4?  Usually, by the time I'm getting close to the ending of a game, I start putting everything else on hold (including sleep) so the endings are a little blurred by said mental state. 

    I would actually like to learn more about the Bahro (I haven't read the books, so if they take care of that, please someone tell me which book) so starting off in the volcano would be very interesting to me (but the idea of thousands of avvies all typing on their KI's at once isn't).

    (very parenthetical today)

  • The end of Revelation happens in Tomahna, and the end of End of Ages (depending wether you did it right or not) ends in the destroyed Myst Island (bad ending), or Releeshahn (good ending). I personally hope we start on that balcony in Releeshahn. There could be only one person, so it's not crowded, and it is a quite familiar location (it was so dramatic that it burned it's way into our skulls).

  • SeaOtterSeaOtter Chicago, ILPosts: 32Member
    So if it started in Releeshan, would it be less of a continuation and more of a parallel kind of game?

    My understanding was that there would be the same neighborhoods, some of the same ages, with new ages being the primary change.

    How different are people anticipating it will be from Until URU?

  • NeoGholaNeoGhola MelbournePosts: 27Member

    I doubt we'd be starting in Releeshan.

    I've heard snippets that Cyan would like us to explore Releeshan, but that was not in the foreseeable future.

    Besides, Yeesha only arrived there at the end of End of Ages - and if Uru Live remains true to the previous Uru themes, Yeesha will be our guiding force again.

    If it DID start in Releeshan, and this was the best kept secret in Cyan history, then I imagine it would be the balcony, but probably just to see someone, get a bit of a speech, and an instant Link - like the start of Riven and Exile (Near enough).

    Otherwise, we'd probably start in an area like Riltagamin - a closed off area where one can practice moveing, learn the basic aim to the game, and so on. In Myst fashion, of course.

  • Sudre_Sudre_ St. Louis, MOPosts: 6Member
      I always thought that when Live re-opens that meant the DRC would be
    back in the caverns. Since some players are going to be new to the game
    I don't think starting off somewhere not on earth would be realistic.
    The ppl that play the game are supposed to be drawn to the dessert
    area. I thought the idea was the whole thing is real not a game....
    it's actually happening so just appearing in the city or hood would
    seem off.
       Now back to the statement I started off with. I think
    we will start on earth and possible with the DRC involved... they will
    be expecting visitors. Kinda like an archaeological dig, you just don't
    walk onto the site and start digging.... unless Yeesha gives you a link
      So we will probably start in the dessert, remember he
    said we don't start in the cleft. The DRC will probably have a sign up
    trailer setup where Zandi's trailer was. They will hand out KI's and maybe some basic instructions.

    just my thoughts.

    -Sudre from Amber Horizons hood on the D'mala shard

  • SeaOtterSeaOtter Chicago, ILPosts: 32Member
    Good thoughts, Sudre.

    That would be a neat way of starting it -- at the cleft with a new KI and a new puzzle perhaps?  Some cryptic instructions from the DRC personnel there?  It's an interesting point -- how to help the new players get acclimated as well as helping the existing players adjust to the changes.  I'm always so overwhelmed at the beginning of a new game, trying to take it all in, that I can never remember what the characters say.  So maybe I'll be able to enter it into that new KI while it's still fresh.

    An archaelogical dig would be fun!  Needing to put together clues to get into that world would set just the right tone.  It would be interesting if time had passed since URU Prime/Prologue and we see Yeesha again. I didn't know that it was a definite that we wouldn't start out at the cleft -- thanks for posting that.


  • RTRebuilderRTRebuilder Alexandria, VAPosts: 13Member

    Originally posted by ireenquench
    My guess is we will start in Relto... with a linking book to the hood.
    I think that Ireen may be right.  Consider this quote from Rand at the 7/27 Town Hall meeting:

    (07/27 12:27:17) DRCLVortmax1: Joey asks: Will Uru Live GameTap players
    need to go through the trailer/crevice bit at the beginning of Until
    Uru, or will they just start in the neighborhood?

    (07/27 12:28:07) Rand: - without giving too much away - no. Uru Live will start off a bit differently. smile.gif
    (07/27 12:29:56) TomahnaGuy: can u give us a clue as to where we will start?

    (07/27 12:30:38) Rand: at home wink.gif

    I interpret "at home" to mean your Relto.

    Can we rebuild it? Yes, we can.

  • ilmgilmg LondonPosts: 9Member
    After the meeting I also think we will start in Relto, but I wonder what the explanation will be? Although I think Rand just meant "home" as our own house.

  • Sudre_Sudre_ St. Louis, MOPosts: 6Member
    Starting in Relto seems a bit strange. The relto book in general is aquired by getting thru a speech from Yeesha, which seems to be part of the adventure. If cyan is pushing for the game being actual events and not fiction then just appearing in relto would not work. Now maybe you find the relto book right away and link there.

    -Sudre from Amber Horizons hood on the D'mala shard

  • RDDurantRDDurant Minneapolis, MNPosts: 6Member
    Maybe we'll start at the top of the great shaft, and actually have to walk our way down? (Or at least to the first nexus point... though we wouldn't have KI's yet...
  • ilmgilmg LondonPosts: 9Member
    I think we are all forgetting something. If you check the DRC site the failure of the initial project and the events of Myst V are part of the story. If we are ourselves in this game we are continuing Uru as it is. It would be strange for the game to start like nobody has been in Uru before.

  • Whitch2Whitch2 Chelmsford, MAPosts: 13Member

    It would be strange to start Uru as if we hadn't been there before, but only if we had been there before.  There has to be a way for those of us who have been there, and all of the new explorers who will be seeing this with fresh eyes  (sigh...wouldn't that be great again!)  to all start with a similar sense of reality and purpose.

    I'm hoping it is kept simple.  I like the idea of a DRC trailer, or even a basecamp type of situation where we would get a linking book, a KI,  a basic explanation of why we are there and the ability to either find out more before we start or come back later and read/gather  what's available.  Something like the Tokotah rooftop.....journals and transcripts to read, hardhats and other equipment available. 

    I'd like to see this done where Zandi's trailer originally stood, so that we are starting on earth and making our way down to the city below.  A bit of familiarity along with the new.

  • RickmanRickman New York, NYPosts: 5Member
    TomahnaGuy asked this question to Rand Miller during an interview. The reply was 'at home'. This could have been a joke meaning in our housed or, b/c of the name of the person who asked, he was hinting that we start in Tomahna.
  • mikrasovmikrasov San Diego, CAPosts: 3Member
    If we do start in Tomahna then i hope its done well. Because in the prerendered games Tomahna was one of the pretiest ages.

    I also hope they wind back the clock a bit. I think it would be best if the ovents after the cavern was closed were forgotten since they seemed too rushed and a little too magical.

    I would prefer it if they restarted the adventure verses continuing it from Myst 5.
  • SeaOtterSeaOtter Chicago, ILPosts: 32Member

    Hi, Mikrasov!

    I didn't understand what you were saying in your last sentence.

    Pardon my ignorance -- what are 'the adventure verses'?

    edit : thanks, RTR, (embarrassed) I can't believe I didn't get that.  I haven't read any of the MYST books (ok, or all of the notebooks in URU) so I assumed that he was referring to one of the many things I hadn't read. 

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