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Martial Heroes: Q&A with Alex Jones

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

Someday soon, CRSpace hopes to bring Martial Heroes to North America. Today, we talk to Alex Jones, the Head of US Public Relations for CRSpace, about their free to play MMORPG.

image How do Factions play a part in the game and the events that you have been hosting?

Alex Jones: The Factions play a huge role in the game and is essentially the backdrop of the game’s “Thousand Year War”plot. Each Faction has its own unique attributes and their own ideology. The Lawful Faction thinks that the most important state of mind is that the way you get to victory is more important than victory itself. This is why the lawful side has more offensive power and more defense. However,the Evil Faction thinks that its does not matter what they do or who they betray, victory is the only acceptable result. Due to this, the Evil Faction unique attributes are speed and debuffing skills. In terms of events, an all out faction war is held once a month. This puts Lawful vs Evil on the Martial Heroes PVP map; Deadlands. In Faction War the objective is to destroy the other side’s sacred stones, so you can say that it’s a Conquest-like event. Each side has to try to destroy the others stone while trying to protect their own which usually makes for a fun but strategic battles.

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  • danilobxdanilobx brasiliaPosts: 2Member Being that the game is free, are there any future plans to implement a pricing policy for players?
    Alex Jones:

    In terms of pricing, Martial Heroes will stay free to play forever and that will never change. We have a market(MH Market) in game that we sell unique items for cash to players who want to stand out and have unique items Mostly, we believe that when it comes to real life money that it should be the players choice and that they shouldn’t be forced to pay a monthly fee just to have an account. Without monthly fees, we believe that the players can enjoy the game much better.

    Empire of Martial Heroes is a great game but...

    After you reach lvl 84 the amount of exp you get for each monster you kill drops to 0.01%, so you have to buy itens from their cash shop. Itens that are very expensive. So expensive that $50 won't give you enough itens to play for a month. So EMH is one of the most expensive games around. And many players are quitting after they reach lvl 84.

    I have no problem in paying to play a game, but EMH is just too expensive for a game with many translation problems and other bugs that are never fixed.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  • markyturnipmarkyturnip New York, NYPosts: 837Member Uncommon

    Interesting.. so it actually ends up costing a lot to compete? Or are there ways of getting the same quality items without paying?

    Another question: is this an instanced world?

  • vonnirvonnir lisbon, OHPosts: 6Member
    can u be more specific?
  • Akath19Akath19 BogotaPosts: 4Member
    I think Hero Online will be a lot better than D.O. and it's only a beta

  • smokedookeesmokedookee charlotte, NCPosts: 6Member
    i play this game alot. ALOT. it has consumed alot of my time the past year since its english release. i've seen the server booming, loaded down to the gills with players. but now, its like, wtf happened to everyone? wtf happened to the staff? supposedly 2 out of the 3 main gm's have quit their jobs. i'd like to go ahead and take this time to say, GM@Arnold (noldnold), i think your event planning is poorly thought out. really man. if we wanted to be reminded in a game about the World Cup, we'd be on our playstations playing FIFA. honestly dude, i know that event was out of fun, it gave us that great cape and everything. but still, it had nothing to do with anything ancient oriental themed. where are we going with the story line here? where's the WuXia? thats what i loved about this game, the WuXia aspects, running thru a beautiful landscape, with my turbo 3 and 4 characters, bouncing like i'm in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. well, GM@Arnold supposedly quit. who is planning the events now? and Alex Jones, no disrespect man, but who the hell are you? are YOU still employed by CRSpace? you arent doing a very good job man. i see no XFire support still. wtf is that? no XFire support. do you know how hard it is to try to convince a Korean GM on msn to get XFire support? well i've talked to Don about it several times, and GM@Don wants it. it would probably make things alot easier on him if you would do your job. the man cant figure out how to get in contact with the XFire support staff. i hope they arent paying you. i would do your job for free for them, and i'd have alot more people getting into the game in the process.
  • smokedookeesmokedookee charlotte, NCPosts: 6Member
    oh yeah, my monk, LSg, is lvl 89 right now. my warrior named STFU, is lvl 109 right now. danialobx is right, it is way too hard to lvl at this point without alot of money. i havent seen you ingame in a long time man. where'd you get to?
  • ShimetsuShimetsu Manchester, CTPosts: 2Member
    Hahaha Smoke... Wasabi. BTW I'm Alex Jones :).

    See me coming, better move aside,
    Many people didn't many people died.(Zecco)

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