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Horizons: Live Shard Update

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common

Horizons has released the notes from a Live Shard Update that took place yesterday, July the 5th, on their live servers. As usual, the notes are not complete here. To read all of the notes, please click the link below:


The following additions, changes, and fixes were applied to the Live shards on Wednesday, July 5, 2006:

Client Features and Fixes:

  • When the map window is opened, if you have a grounded cargo disk, there will be a marker on the map indicating its location.
  • You can now invite a character to join your group by right-clicking on their name in the People Window (from your friends list).
  • Gathering from corpses will no longer cause them to play the death animation.
  • Corrected the problem of two music emitters playing music at the same time. The closest emitter will now take priority.
  • Corrected problems with music stopping and not switching to default music.
  • Ambient sounds no longer loop after teleport.sorry
  • Sounds associated to Gale Wind, or other attacks with the same animation will now have sound.
  • Sounds associated to Tail Whip and Slash type attacks will now be played.

Read it all, here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor

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