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Looking for a Clan

laser80laser80 Houston, TXPosts: 1Member

Im Lookin for a clan to be in. Im lvl 21 and my name is dudewheresmybow. Ive been looking forever and its gotten really annoying!I play in dies 1 so pm me about it if your there.

p.s how you put on a signature pic

Master Archer



  • savior2xsavior2x chicago, ILPosts: 2Member
    I have a clan AutoBots on Dies with lvl 20-50 members. You think you would like to join?
  • novakpenovakpe IzmirPosts: 7Member
    i'm playing in Patos... if you take a new account i can help you to level up.. i have a clan my own which adds 50+ players.... but you can give me a change of having manner... clan name is oOGorAOo my nick is gorakiller... if you want reply this messege...
  • DillusionalDillusional Brooklyn, NYPosts: 6Member


  • vauclinvauclin bossier, LAPosts: 3Member
    MYKO was so much better than USKO i think wat about yall
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