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World War II Online: Visible Damage Movies

KoltraneKoltrane Madison, MSPosts: 1,049Member Uncommon

Cornered Rat Software has moved the latest update of World War II Online into beta.  Included in this code is visible damage, i.e. animations of real time damage to units.  Nowhere is this more dramatic than in the air, and one of the beta testers has put together a couple of movies showing visible damage to planes. 

The first movie, which shows planes having their wings shot off, may be viewed by clicking this link

The second movie shows what happens when pilots drop bombs too low or allow their planes to scrape the ground.  This action has been dubbed the "yard sale", and may be seen here.

Both movies are in Windows Media Video (WMV) format.


Old timer.


  • GunharpGunharp Woodinville, WAPosts: 2,890Member
    Well jeesus....I might start playing again...image

    |_105th Panzer Brigade_|

    ! MACS SUCK !

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