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Neocron: BDOY: Apartment Customization

KoltraneKoltrane Madison, MSPosts: 1,049Member Uncommon

Holger Nathrath, Development Director for Reakktor has posted a new peek at "Neocron: Beyond Dome of York" over at the official website.  This peek concerns player apartments and how they may be customized:

At the current state of development there are about 100 completely new pieces of furniture and items. Of course the furniture from the existing apartments can also be used as dynamic furnishing. The palette ranges from armchairs and lamps to closets, paintings, and carpets. We want to allow the players to differentiate themselves more by designing their ingame living space according to their taste and financial situation through this broad range of products.

The entire article and screenshots of three new furniture sets may be viewed by following this link.


Old timer.

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