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understanding the game

thelawoflogicthelawoflogic mars, FLMember Posts: 747 Uncommon
does anyone play this game and what's the adjective


  • pwncoreypwncorey Katy, TXMember Posts: 56

    to be a fairy? i just came in here cause from the name of the game... sound like a San Diego Virtual world

    haha gay name imo


  • Devi0uSDevi0uS MariborMember Posts: 29
    Well.. I used to play this game for long time, like 1 year or it was more!Then I stopped for some reason, the game was too boring to me later, since all that had to be done was grind grind lvl.And for reward getting crappy randoms stats!But afterall its very nice game to play which on start is very addictive and attracting!You will meet lots of friends and it will be hard for you to leave them one day!So play it or not is up to you hehe!

    Fell the pain <3

  • mtgsongmtgsong Merced, CAMember Posts: 51
    Originally posted by xantho10

    does anyone play this game and what's the adjective
    no idea, but look like a pokemon game to me.. ahahaha
  • ShunWolfkinShunWolfkin Stryker, OHMember Posts: 8
    This is a pretty fun game. It can be quite a grind/boring unless you actually reach out to those around you. The game is pretty much all about questing with freinds and working on your skills alone.

    So what I did was I used the buddy system to keep tabs on my freinds and when my freinds were on I quested, when they weren't on I worked(that actually meshes well when you need to do homework or chores or something since the work only takes occasional monitoring).

    Nice combination, particually for me since graphics and sounds are too important(basically I have a level at which I don't like it, but as long as the graphics and sound are pleasing to my eyes/ear than I consider them both to be good). I do wish this game had more tracks though.

  • KusigaKusiga Orlando, FLMember Posts: 48 Uncommon
    It's a fun game somewhat, and I liked it because there arn't many MMORPGs with random battles and turn-based battle systems. Or maybe I just don't know of them. Was going to get back into this game but found out the NA servers are closing down later this year so no point unless I go on another server.
  • maggotANUBISmaggotANUBIS Gold CoastMember Posts: 76
    Originally posted by xantho10

    does anyone play this game and what's the adjective
  • Devi0uSDevi0uS MariborMember Posts: 29

    Eu Fairyland server are closing down too!Hope you all had fun playing this game!


    Fairyland Europe will Close August 31 2007
    Amount of active player is not enough to pay for new Fairyland packs so Lager and us have decided to not renew our Fairyland licence contract.

    Fairyland Europe will close August 31 2007.


    Fell the pain <3

  • beyorself11beyorself11 Austin, TXMember Posts: 4

    Fairy land is a clone of POKEMON.imageimageimage

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