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Who played in Prologue and what was your avie name?

ToriauruToriauru Gatineau, QCPosts: 18Member
Welcome to all!  I'm just curious if you played in Prologue and if you did, what was your avie's name and what shard did you play on?

I was Toria on Atrus shard, Grace1895 on Katran, and S'Uru on Achenar shard.  Had a lot of fun on all of them but mostly on Atrus.

URU lives! Mystralia date set for July 29/30 for details.


  • tachgbtachgb SheffieldPosts: 791Member Uncommon
    By Prologue, do you mean Uru Beta ? I never did play in Until Uru.

    In Old Uru Beta, I was Ecks or Psygnosis, but cannot remember which shards I used to
    play in. I see Cyan Worlds have removed the Uru Beta Credits page, was nice
    to see my name on there. Still have that page saved to my harddrive, would love to see how many people return on those credits to Uru Live from the Old Uru Beta. :)

  • ValkanisarValkanisar HomeTown, ONPosts: 494Member Common

    To be honest i couldnt even remember my name, perhaps skitz or skitzdout. I was in back in beta. Quite happy that it will be re-released. Back then i think i was running an athlon 700mhz lol. Now its time to try it with my new comp. P4 3ghz--2048mb ram---ati x700--m-audio revolution 7.1 system. Bet the game will run 100x better than before for sure. I thought it looked amazing back then so can only imagine what it will be like to play now.

    Hopefully this beta will get underway soon enough. Its not like they have to recode the game. It should be pretty much ready to go other than setting up the servers on new hardware, unless they still have it stored on the old hardware and will be using that. would be cool for an upgrade though.

    This type of game is perfect before studying for school. It helps the brain get moving and more productive when it comes down to crunch time at the college.......

  • Twe3kTwe3k LondonPosts: 5Member

    Yeah the Beta Credits page got lost when derek was updating the site, might see if he can put that back.

    As for recoding Uru, well they have changed the Physics engine, the graphics engine has gotten a bit of a re-write and the network code really needs sorting out so theres a good portion of work they need to do.

    Seems like beta will start within the next month or so.



  • Whitch2Whitch2 Chelmsford, MAPosts: 13Member

    I was just me on all the shards....Whitch2.  In fact, that's pretty much what I use whereever I go.   Simplifies things.  

    I hope they do get those beta credits back up....I liked having those there.

  • Te'anaTe'ana Athens, TXPosts: 7Member
    i was Te'ana mostly, also Tejana and Texana, but only briefly.  I created those nomes for Uru beta and am still using them today for all the on-line games I play.
  • Twe3kTwe3k LondonPosts: 5Member

    Ah here we are,
    Seems it was put up, just not linked to.


  • Whitch2Whitch2 Chelmsford, MAPosts: 13Member
    Thanks, Tweek.  I printed out a copy this time.
  • Marten!Marten! Washougal, WAPosts: 20Member
    I used the same name - Marten - on all three Prologue shards.  However, before joining The Great Tree neighborhood, each of my avatars wore a different colored shirt.

    On Atrus, I wore a green shirt.
    On Katran, I wore a yellow shirt.
    On Achenar, can you guess what color shirt I wore? 

  • CAGrayWolfCAGrayWolf Riverside, CAPosts: 4Member

    Shorah to you all!  I was and always have been CAGrayWolf wherever I go ... though I'm also affectionately called Wolfie.

    I was invited into the UrU Beta on 17 July 2003. Then I was invited to join the UrU Prologue on 17 November 2003. This was the "ramping up" phase of the game and was free until the actual UrU Live would launch. Then that fateful day came just over two months later and we all heard the announcement that the plug for UrU Live had been pulled ... this was 4 February 2004. Then in August of 2004, CyanWorlds opened up a server for public access, and with the one-time purchase of a Kagi Key, we could enjoy all the aspects of UrU that had been released up to the point. Basically, this was the game in the final stages of beta just before Prologue ... this was called Until UrU. The idea was to keep the dream alive and on basic life support "until" one day that the game could possibly be resurrected from its deep slumber.

    Many of the die-hard fans subscribed and kept the dream alive for a year and a half. Until, we all heard stirrings from within CyanWorlds that something was up. Then on 21 December 2005, we witness a strange post from Victor Laxman (an in-game NPC or sorts) posted on the DRC Site forum. The excitement this caused was over welling. Then the announcement that UrU Live may become a reality after all ... with Cautious Optimism (CO) of course.

    I have long awaited this day that I could explore the D'ni Caverns in all its intended glory, to see what will be and follow along this fantastic world. I have been a long time fan of the Myst games since I first played Myst back in 1994 and have avidly followed the series all along. This is a wonderful and exciting time for myself and for all Myst fans alike. Even those who are intimidated by on-line gaming will be entranced with this great game and all it has to offer. I can't wait!

  • adegkidadegkid Erie, PAPosts: 4Member
    I am/was/willbe Deg! :)

    - Deg -

  • number6number6 Kansas City, MOPosts: 3Member
    I thought/decided I had to finish Uru (the game) before joining the cavern.  I applied just a few weeks before they pulled the plug, and was on a waiting list but never got in.  Really looking foreward to finally getting in.  I have played every adventure game under the sun, but this will be my first MMOG!
  • DeviceMDDeviceMD NYPosts: 12Member
    My avi's name was Inkarri and I played on all 3 shards (I didn't know what a shard was for, back then :P)

  • KrystalPiKrystalPi AarhusPosts: 1Member

    Hi Toria

    I was KrystalPi. I dont remember the servers name. I was so overwelmed just by meeting other people, where I was used to be alone, som I dident played very often!

    Now I cant wait for the URU Live release! :)

  • countrysqueecountrysquee Arlington, WAPosts: 2Member
    Shorah all...
    I have been Country Squee or Country_Squee since Prologue.  Playing and joining the community has changed my life.  New visas open up and new opportunities.  I see myself eager to return the gifts from Cyan by helping others.  Each time I start again in the Cleft through seeing rain in my Relto, I hear new lessons from Yeesha.

    I find Myst / URU friends in many places online and in the real world.  We are bonded by great joy and great pain.  I can hardly wait for URU Live to continue but they better let us have a hug emote!!!

    Country Squee
    Just a little Squee out for adventure

  • Sudre_Sudre_ St. Louis, MOPosts: 6Member

      Hello everyone, I was who I am now back then. I played mainly on Katran and hung out in the Amber Horizons hood. Ever since the plug got yanked I have been hanging around on UU every now and then. I think Toria opened up the Amber Horizons hood there so I moved in. I can't wait for live.
      I've even managed to get my dad addicted to UU. We just had a bad storm and he lost power at his house, so he came running over here. He's still going thru the private ages. Complains that he can't sleep because the game keeps going thru his head... I remember those  at least he is retired and doesn't have to go to work.


    -Sudre from Amber Horizons hood on the D'mala shard

  • RDDurantRDDurant Minneapolis, MNPosts: 6Member
    I didn't make it into beta, but I was Ryyn during the all too short prologue. I'm excited to see this going live again, and now that I have the macbook, I can play it on the windows side without having to actually use a pc - It's not a mac version, but it's close enough for me!
  • vormaenvormaen Grandview, MOPosts: 4Member
    Lemme guess.....oh yeah, I was.....VorMaeN, Discoverer of reflections and flame, friend to poor Phil, and bitter enemy of Doug Sharper.  Oh, and I never ran out of things to the misfortune of others.
  • TaniquetilTaniquetil LondonPosts: 214Member
    Leshaan on the Atrus shard , currently playing Until Uru.
  • dnisisdnisis waddell, AZPosts: 14Member

    I was Dnisis in beta and the prologue. I am looking forward to returning and exploring all the new discoveries.

  • samsbasesamsbase Brighton and hovePosts: 7Member
    You will find me as Sam Byard or Iendyil normally Sam Byard

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