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Great stuff !

tachgbtachgb SheffieldPosts: 791Member Uncommon
Literally a day after I asked if Uru could get a forum section here, we're already in the process of adding forums for other games. Coincidence !

Great to have a forum section here, so hello to all you Until Uru and soon to be Uru Live fellows. :)


  • KarmaInfernoKarmaInferno White Plains, NYPosts: 1Member
    I was in the closed beta, so happy to see URU come back to life!

    See you all in the cavern!


  • Whitch2Whitch2 Chelmsford, MAPosts: 13Member
    Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the forum!  I was in the beta and prologue before Uru was cancelled and although I have visited UU now and then, my heart still belongs to Live.  I can't wait for it's return!
  • GriloxGrilox Red Bluff, CAPosts: 6Member

    Hooray for a forum section!

    Let us dance among the fields of the forum.


    Wait.. Does a forum have fields in the first place?

  • ToriauruToriauru Gatineau, QCPosts: 18Member
    Awesome!  So nice to see we get our own forums. We can share the love and don the flame proof suits. ;)  I love the game ever since I played in the Prologue.  I wasn't ready to say bye bye on February 9,2004! 

    Welcome to all.

    URU lives! Mystralia date set for July 29/30 for details.

  • UrieUrie Muncy, PAPosts: 5Member

    I don't think anyone was ready to say goodbye on that sad day, Toria.  But at least everything seems to be working out in the end.

    And this forum is great news as well; hopefully there will be more developments to follow.

  • Te'anaTe'ana Athens, TXPosts: 7Member

    As Scarlet  said, Tomorrow is another day :)  and that day will be coming soon with the new Uru Live

    I am barely able to stand the wait!

  • NeoGholaNeoGhola MelbournePosts: 27Member

    I'm bursting from excitment myself.

    And anxious to see if it's going to be available to the rest of the world...

    As far as I've heard, it's still questionable wether or not people outside the US is going to have access to Uru Live - and most common I hear a 'not yet, anyway' response. . .

    Who can I talk to to ensure that we of the rest of the world get to explore the Live cavern?

    I've had a taste of UU, and love it - spend at least 2 hours a day there. . . So I'm not ready to give up online Myst easily.

  • tachgbtachgb SheffieldPosts: 791Member Uncommon

    Check this FAQ -

    Uru Live will be available internationally.

  • MariMari Columbus, NEPosts: 5Member
    This is the best news ever... I can't wait. I am holding my breath watching for beta to start!
  • CAGrayWolfCAGrayWolf Riverside, CAPosts: 4Member

    Agreed ... it is great to see a forum section here. Not that I need another forum to read, but this site seems to be well rounded with many great aspects included. I look forward to perusing this site in detail to learn what all it has to offer. I have often wanted to get involved with MMO's but can not usually justify the subscription costs and not always sure I would like the game once I join. It would appear that I can get many details about many of the games listed here to know what I will and wouldn't like.

    As for UrU Live, I will definitely be subscribing to this service and it is nice to see a forum outside of the usual Myst related forums where we can discuss our love of Myst in relatively sane conditions. I hope that this forum will be able to stay like this and enjoyable for the majority of members.

  • tachgbtachgb SheffieldPosts: 791Member Uncommon
    Hey CAGrayWolf, weren't you a moderator of the old Uru Beta forums?

    Welcome to this here website, it's a great and reliable source (and very popular) of information for MMO's.

    Last week, I got stuck in with Myst IV Revelation (Simply stunning, the best Myst game I have yet played, can't wait to play End of Ages), and then I discovered Uru was to return, I was stunned, since last I heard, Cyan were in hibernation of sorts. Seems they've been busy drawing up plans to bring this project back. But I sure hope to see other games besides Uru from Cyan, would be nice to experience a new story.

    Just recieved Real MYST, it looks great in true 3D, it felt so weird walking (or even sprinting) around the island in glorious 3D (Despite being over 5 years old, it still looks great). Having completed Myst Masterpiece Edition recently (Again), I found myself trying to follow the static 2D paths from the original Myst game in Real MYST, and I was surprised you could run up bankings and avoid having to use stairs, or you could avoid walking around an entire area again, and just cut across, or run past buildings. It's a strange experience to play a game in restricted 2D access, and then to play the same game again in true free-roam 3D, I recommend Real Myst to anyone who has played Myst before, it's a great trip down memory lane.

    I love the tapping feature in Myst IV, where you can tap on your surroundings and hear their corrosponding sounds, or even splash the surface of water and interect with the environments with your mouse cursor, it would be nice to see this feature implimented in Uru (Yeah, may prove pointless, since your character interacts with the envirnments, not your mouse pointer). At first when I discovered this feature, I found it pointless and to much of a gimmick, but now, I can't stop tapping on my surroundings or splashing the water. ;)

  • NeoGholaNeoGhola MelbournePosts: 27Member

    Excellent! That's the best news that I've heard since Uru Lives revival!


  • JevasiJevasi Lock Haven, PAPosts: 4Member
    I can't wait for Urulive to come out
  • RTRebuilderRTRebuilder Alexandria, VAPosts: 13Member
    I was not an original Prologue tester, but I'm hoping that I'll be selected for the next batch of beta testing this summer.  Shorah to all!

    Can we rebuild it? Yes, we can.

  • NeoGholaNeoGhola MelbournePosts: 27Member
    Yes, that is one of my wishes too...
  • CAGrayWolfCAGrayWolf Riverside, CAPosts: 4Member

    Originally posted by tachgb
    Hey CAGrayWolf, weren't you a moderator of the old Uru Beta forums?

    Welcome to this here website, it's a great and reliable source (and very popular) of information for MMO's.

    Yep, that be me.    I am still very active in the community, I am a moderator on the Guild of Greeters forum and am also currently a DRC Liaison with Until UrU. So keep busy withing the Myst community. Thank you for the welcome ... looks like a great place with loads of information.
  • DeviceMDDeviceMD NYPosts: 12Member
    Yeah, I was pretty surprised to find an Uru Live forum all to itself.

  • yahoo!!! live is returning. that is the coolest thing in the world. I an very excited. Very very very excited. I have already put my name on the beta testing list and am now just waiting for the email saying that I'm accepted. I hope it's soon. 

  • SeaOtterSeaOtter Chicago, ILPosts: 32Member
    I am also excited at the prospect of being a beta tester

    I got notification from another forum of a message called BETA and for just a moment...

    (sigh)  Reminding myself to be patient and happily diving back into UU.

    I keep thinking how neat it will be to have old friends when I go into Live (in addition to all the new ones).

    Back to the cavern for a marker quest.

  • RDDurantRDDurant Minneapolis, MNPosts: 6Member
    Wow, "The end is not yet written" wasn't just an empty promise! /happydance
  • Whitch2Whitch2 Chelmsford, MAPosts: 13Member

    LOL....joins RDDurant in /happydance!

    When UruLive was shut down that fateful day, we all clung to Rand's message that it was being "put to bed".  Well, it's had a good long rest and I'm more than ready for it to get going again! 

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