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RF Online: 2060+ Cheater Accounts Banned

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common

Codemasters, and RF Online has announced that the "spring cleaning" of their servers of cheaters and botters is underway, with an announced number of banned accounts at over 2060:



Within the last 24 hours we banned more than 500 additional accounts mainly involved in Botting.

The total number of botters are trial abusers banned in the last 20 days is above 2060, including several accounts of the ones utilizing the trial accounts for their "business".

Rest assured we just started the server spring cleaning...

GM Terablo

For more on RF Online, click here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • skeete12dieskeete12die anyville, CAPosts: 16Member
    didn't wow do the something similiar? i guess these companies are cleaning up the servers to make room for all the kids that are going to on summer break.
  • ZeroDepthZeroDepth N/A, DCPosts: 142Member
    About time RF Online started a "massive offensive" against macroers.

    Macroing in RF Online was a big dissapointment during my trial period, and is annoying for a lot of the RF Online player base since it disrupts leveling and training of skills.

    Keep it up CCP.

  • slapme7timesslapme7times riverton, UTPosts: 436Member
    2060 cheaters?

    sweet lord' jebus.

    now nobody is left to play =)

    --people who believe in abstinence are unsurprisingly also some of the ugliest most sexually undesired people in the world.--

  • Jyd111Jyd111 Posts: 23Member Uncommon

    It is good to see a company that puts the game experiance and integrity ahead of profits. Keep up the good work.


    Give me back SWG at sunset and keep adding to it and I would pay twice what it was costing.

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