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Lineage 2: New Screen Shot

AdminAdmin Santa Fe, NMPosts: 5,155Administrator Uncommon

Warcry has just posted a new exclusive screen shot from Lineage II.  It shows a Wolf Huntress attacking...well a wolf of course ;)  It is quite an impressive display of this upcoming titles assets...LOL.

You can check out the full size shot at this link.

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- MMORPG.COM Staff -

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  • hellmutthellmutt San Jose, CAPosts: 60Member
    Nice butt shot! This game looks so great I hope they get me in their beta ;)

    Don't wish your life away


  • previnprevin Milwaukee, WIPosts: 43Member Uncommon

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

    I'm not surprised they released this screen shot, given the player demographic for the game.

  • cedoricedori Hurst, TXPosts: 500Member

    Now why in the world do most mmorpg's have to show a woman's rear for, come on now lol.  Oh well, at least the screen shot is good.  Little things excite you guys hehe.


  • AgamemnonZAgamemnonZ AmsterdamPosts: 72Member

    Well, I find this newspost BS (Though I do like that Lineage II is being mentioned, there is much better/interesting news to be posted about it)

    1st: The Screenshot AINT exclusive or special or whatever. It is a common player-made Screenshot from the Taiwan Open Beta which was added to the Warcry Screenshot Gallary just like all the other screenshots being added every day (so it aint special or w/e. Also Warcry didnt post anything about it saying it was special).

    2nd: I AINT a "Just Posted" Screenshot as it was already uploaded on 1/15/2004

    3rd: What is a Wolf Huntress...? The Screenshot just shows an Elf Fighting a Wolf. (this point might sound lame but serious, by saying Wolf Huntress it almost sounds like she only hunts wolfs)

    So I dont mind this being posted but I just dont see the reason for it. There is much better news to post about Lineage II then just a mere player-made Screenshot which aint special. This is why I will now make my Newspost Debut by posting this:


    Warcry has just posted a new exclusive screen shot from Lineage II.  It shows a Dark Elf with some kind of cool armor and 2 swords in his hands. The Redhead to the right is a Human Mage.



    Also Just posted on Warcry, a very rare (NOT) screenshot of some kind of cold forest. It looks awesome.


    (as to make sure to yall, Im not flaming Im just saying that this is a nonsense post)



  • GunharpGunharp Woodinville, WAPosts: 2,890Member

    Thanks AgamemnonZ, I was about to say something to and post some screenshots especially the forest . But you got here first and might I add a better job than i would have done to^^




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  • AgamemnonZAgamemnonZ AmsterdamPosts: 72Member

    Yup =D

    It is just the Screenshots you want you know. They could've also posted the forest or the Dark Elf, but the Female Elf was posted and we all know why =D   (and I agree it is a nice Screenshot but there is more then just Female Elfs in Lineage II)



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