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Guild Wars: E3 2006 Look Forward

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

Laura Genender pens this article on Guild Wars and Guild Wars Factions based on her E3 chats with Jeff Strain, the founder of ArenaNet, and other NCSoft staffers.

image At E3, we spoke with some of the Guild Wars developers about their extremely popular games, where they are right now and where they are going in the future.

"You don't have to be married to Guild Wars in order to play it," said Jeff Strain, the founder of ArenaNet.

Our host told us that Guild Wars Factions, which launched on April 28th, is the #1 Selling PC Game in the United States. Developers describe Guild Wars Factions as a separate game from the original Guild Wars, in that, unlike an expansion, either game can stand alone. The games do, however, have plenty of interaction, and the technology updates that were added in Guild Wars Factions were given as a free update to original Guild Wars community.

You can read the article here.

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  • DaimerousDaimerous Vacaville, CAPosts: 1Member
    It is very dissapointing to find out that there will be less and less PvE and more PvP in the upcoming releases. I am a huge fan of Guild Wars and really enjoy PvE. I PvP sometimes, but only like 5% of the time. If Guild Wars devs start to weed out the PvE, then they won't stay afloat. Guild Wars will loose probably more than half its fanbase. I know that Guild Wars was startd for "guild wars", but it turned into a whole other thing. PvE made it big. I could see myself playing their releases for a very long time, as long as they keep the PvE full. of content and storyline. Even the PvP people play the PvE part of it, and vise versa. The devs at NCSoft created a monster in Guild Wars and that is PvE. Don't take that from us! I have played the missions so many times that some do get a little old, but withe release of the expansions, that can add to it and open up new worlds so the older ones don't get old. PvP is funj, don't get me wrong, but that gets old too.

  • thepillarfrethepillarfre Maple Valley, WAPosts: 36Member
    Did anyone esle chatch what they said at the end, a sci fi Guild Wars. Now thats something i want to see.


  • BedresslerBedressler Tulsa, OKPosts: 1Member
    umm that's all groovy but y is it in the 9 Dragon's section??

  • them4trixthem4trix lolstadPosts: 19Member

    Originally posted by thepillarfre

    Did anyone esle chatch what they said at the end, a sci fi Guild Wars. Now thats something i want to see.

    Guild Wars going from the acient times of might and magic to sci fi? Are they nuts! There are to many sci fi games already if u ask me, not that i mind that but most are p2p and when u play they bore really fast!


    If they take this old mystical touch away from Guild Wars and make it sci fi i know like 75% will stop playing it. How would you feel if they took your computer and gave you a book instead?! I know that's not what you want happening do you?

    They will take away the great storyline's the great monsters and the beautyfull surroundings you now find in Guild Wars and Guild Wars only. 

    I really don't think changing swords into guns and pets into robots or even dragons and a like into aliens?!

    Guild Wars isn't perfect but no game is, for first timers in Guild Wars life is hard but with the help of other you can get better, have fun and even make great friends! What other game can give you just that?


    Well thats just how i think about Guild Wars, but how do you feel? please vote on my poll!

  • rapstylerapstyle Miami, FLPosts: 31Member

    It's a nice game,XD.

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