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Dark Age Of Camelot: New Frontiers Website Unveiled!

MalkavianMalkavian SydneyPosts: 2,995Member

Mythic Entertainment has unveiled the Official website for their upcoming expansion,
New Frontiers

A free expansion to active customers for their award winning game Dark Age of Camelot, New Frontiers plans to focus on 3 specific goals to meet players' feedback after two years of Realm v Realm experience.

Those three goals are:

  1. To add more tactics and diversity to RvR battles.
  2. To make RvR battles more accessible.
  3. To give more concrete bonuses and abilities as rewards for taking part in RvR.

"In a nutshell, our goal is to make RVR even more fun and compelling for our entire player base."

You can find out more by visiting:


"When you find yourself sinking into Madness, dive"


  • ColdSunColdSun Peoria, AZPosts: 210Member

    Hehe great, another Mythic page with promises but no actual information or facts.

    DAOC is so yesterday.


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