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Final Fantasy XI: Beta signups for Playonline PLUS

ZoharZohar Southington, CTPosts: 673Member

   Square-Enix has decided to bring the beta test for PlayOnline PLUS to players of the United States and Canada. Playonline PLUS expands the PlayOnline mail service in three ways:

  • Character Name Addresses: This allows you to have an easier to find e-mail address in the following format: This can be used for up to five characters on your account (all go to the same address however).

  • Mail Forwarding: You can forward mail to up to two address now.

  • Mail Filter: You can chose to block unwanted e-mail address to prevent spam and unwanted e-mails from reaching your mailbox.

   Square-Enix has decided to give out 3,000 beta accounts for this test. You can read more at the official Square-Enix website.

Official Website:


-=MMORPG.COM Staff=-


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