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Ultima Online: Focus Group in San Fran

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It appears that Electronic Arts is planning a focus group in San Francisco around early February 2004.  They are even paying each participant $100 for the trouble! Here is the full release from them:

Are you a current or former Ultima Online subscriber? Do you live in the San Francisco area? Do you want to tell the Origin team what they should do with the next Ultima Online project? Now's your chance!
Origin, through a contracted research firm, will be conducting focus groups on Feb. 4 and 5 in Sunnyvale, CA (near San Francisco and San Jose). There will be six groups, with 10 to 12 people in each.
The groups, about 90 minutes each, will discuss what they like and don't like about UO. They will also be asked to comment on new ideas.
Participants will be paid $100, and they will have to sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement. That means they won't be allowed to discuss anything they see or hear during the group sessions under penalty of law.
If you are interested in participating, call Nichols Research at 1-408-773-8200, ext. 2020, or email Mention "Project #C3032" when you contact them.
It's important that we get current AND former players, so if you've stopped playing UO, please contact us anyway.
See you in Sunnyvale!

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