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Age of Conan: E3 Preview

DanaDana Halifax, NSMember Posts: 2,415

Garrett Fuller pens this article on Age of Conan, the upcoming title from Funcom. Find out how the game has evolved visually and internally since we saw it last year.

“Combat, combat, combat and that’s basically what the game is all about,” said Gaute Godager of Funcom. This is how the demo for Age of Conan opened. Gaute focused on the different types of combat in the game. Hands-on combat focuses on action, depth, and control. Horseback combat gives the players a chance to boost strikes based on the speed of the horse, yes, you can decapitate people from horseback. Formation combat allows players to command NPCs, use tactics and create buffs. The formation style works well in dungeon crawls and party encounters. The last form of combat is Massive combat which covers sieges, raids and huge battles.

You can read the article here.

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  • GlacianNexGlacianNex Boston, MAMember Posts: 602 Uncommon
    It all sounds very grand and ambitious, and if they will be able to implement all that it should be a very interesting game. However expirience shows that in 90% of time companies go back on  their word and release some original features months after the initial release.

    Never the less some ideas are innovative and interesting and that is  exactly what current MMO market needs right now.

  • JahbenziJahbenzi ChristianstedMember Posts: 4

    This game is sounding more and more appealing everytime I look into it. Blizzard keeps dragging their feet about expansion. I think I have found my next MMO.

    I give it 5 stars , but I cant  change the rating I put on there before editing.

    Keep yer feet on tha' Ground !


  • ThedrizzleThedrizzle Palm Coast, FLMember Posts: 322

    Sounds very promising!

    Although, it would probably be a good idea for the author of the article to go ahead and proof read it prior to posting.(It comes off quite unprofessional)

  • cheggelundcheggelund Owosso, MIMember Posts: 91
    Sounds grea (as I expected).

    I liked how the magic in AoC appears to be toned down a bit. More focus on combat and battles!


  • plateau01plateau01 melbourneMember Posts: 86
    yep sounding great. Nice work btw cheggelund on the blog. I'll be sure to check it out regularly
  • kefkahkefkah East, TNMember Posts: 832
    Definately on my looking forward to playing list. Thanks for the update.
  • SendenSenden PrivateMember Posts: 599 Uncommon

    Definately the one to watch this year IMO and with blizzard going downhill, i've found a new home until WAR. Shame, we won't get to see Arnie as Conan though, that would have been the best.

  • WoodenDummyWoodenDummy -, WAMember Posts: 208

    Originally posted by Senden

    Definately the one to watch this year IMO and with blizzard going downhill, i've found a new home until WAR. Shame, we won't get to see Arnie as Conan though, that would have been the best.

    I dunno, the Conan of the books was quiet different from the Conan of the film.  I like the film a lot but the books are just something else, there is something very basic but very special and wonderful about Howards writing.

    ANYWAY, yeah this and WAR I'm keeping my eye on and can't wait.



  • zamppazamppa turkuMember Posts: 2

    This game sounds better and better the more I hear about it. Mounted combat sounds really sweet. Looking forward to stomping some picts with my mammoth-mount.

  • XeniusXenius UlsteinvikMember Posts: 25
    Hope this thing will become a Giant ! it has the potential thats for sure

    Fish of tommorow

  • GFullsGFulls Hillsborough, NJMember Posts: 476

    thanks for the posts,

    any questions?? I'll try to answer


  • needalife214needalife214 Moorpark, CAMember Posts: 1,128 Uncommon        god i hate having to wait so long for it  but in the end  i will be worth it


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