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Pirates of the Burning Sea: New Screens & Dev Log

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We have just added 3 new and gorgeous screen shots to our "Pirates of the Burning Sea" gallery:

Also, the development team at Flying Labs has just posted up a cool article on the macro system being designed.  Here is a snippet:

First thing to know is, you do NOT need to know how to write macros to play PoBS. We are designing a wonderful user interface which you can use as-is, or customize by dragging windows around, resizing them, dragging buttons onto the toolbar, etc. If you love the idea of macros, dive right in. If you fear it, no pressure, just read on at your own pace. It is all optional knowledge!

Here is a one-paragraph summary of our internal macro system: You can use nearly any command in the command set. You can assign finished macros to toolbar buttons using the icon of your choice. You can use macros you write in much the same way as the built-in commands.

You can read the full dev article at this link.

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  • WickedMouseWickedMouse AmsterdamPosts: 32Member

    Yep these are VERY nice screenshots! Especially when you look at screens of just a few months ago :)Eagerly waiting for Macro Dev Log Part 2.
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