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The Chronicles of Spellborn: Dev Journal: Caster Classes

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

We have a new developer journal from Spellborn International. Today, the TCoS team looks at caster classes in this exclusive. Included are several icons and one screenshot.

image In this three part series we take a look at the different player classes in The Chronicles of Spellborn (TCoS). The previous installment (link to first installment) looked at the three warrior classes. In this installment we take a closer look at the three caster classes: the Rune Mage, the Ancestral Mage and the Oracle Disciple.

Every class in TCoS has 3 basic attributes - primary, secondary and auxiliary. The character’s primary attribute is defined by the class’s archetype, while the secondary attribute is determined by the actual class. The third auxiliary attribute has a small impact on the player's statistics but no impact on class-specific statistics and skills.

You can read the journal here.

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