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Pirates of the Burning Sea: Hands-On Preview, Part II + Screens

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

Following hot on the heels of part one, we bring you the second half of our hands-on preview of Pirates of the Burning Sea. To go with it, we also have seven exclusive screenshots of the promised Spanish Town.

image There are extensive plans to support player run ports and towns, and those plans are evolving to include a much larger scope than originally planned. In Troy’s words, “Player governance is a feature we intend on including in future PotBS development plans.”

Gamers will have the ability to flag ports that they have plans to attack. PotBS has an event scheduling system which players can use, and events can be private (password protected) or public, but this proposal is for in-game flagging so that players who do not check the event system can participate or steer clear of the port in question.

The trade and trade skill system will eventually become part of the in-game economy system and player actions will create significant impact. Gamers will eventually be able to build their own ships from material bought and found in the game.

You can view the seven screenshots and read the second half of our preview here.

Dana Massey
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Currently Lead Designer for Bit Trap Studios


  • zimmy910zimmy910 RotterdamPosts: 190Member Uncommon

    This game is starting to look good. Will definately try it out, once it's released !

  • FaelanFaelan CopenhagenPosts: 818Member Uncommon

    This game has so much potential that it's not even funny... and all that without magic and undead ::::33::

    Jokes aside, I find it hard not to have faith in this MMORPG when the developers are so open about releasing information about what's going on and what they would like to see in the future... including bugs they're dealing with in beta. Sure, it may not seem like enough when you're waiting and screaming "are we there yet?", but it beats the cr@p out of developers such as Farlan (DnL) where you're lucky if you get some scraps of information on a french forum or something.

    I'm a big ol' fluffy carewolf. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  • flamencaflamenca midland, MIPosts: 15Member

    Looks to me like someone is having all the fun!!

    What can I say? I'm jealous.

    anyway...that being looks like a blast, (no pun intended). It must be a real riot to be out there on the water and firing at one another!!! LOL I imagine it's fun eh?


    thanks for the article and pictures, (especially the screenshots....beautiful!)

  • DresanDresan Toronto, ONPosts: 75Member

    You know the end of that article gave me sneaking suspicion that this will definately a great game...after the second or third expansion. They have alot of great ideas with alot of potiential but its all still in the works and won't be there for launch. Oh well who knows... they sound like a good company, transparency in development helps them...they might pull it off.

  • flamencaflamenca midland, MIPosts: 15Member

    ok, random thought time....

    oh...a love interest with an dream come true!! (does this mean we can control them? LIFT THAT BAIL...TOTE THAT BARGE!!!! *cracks whip.) If the NPC doesn't listen can I make them walk the plank? (another good idea)

    hey, if I'm an arab (please I don't mean this in a bad way)...can I buy the ports?

    just trying to plan ahead!

    we're arabs ever pirates?

    well, who cares...if I can wear that pirate outfit nothing else matters..well, actually, building my own ship sounds pretty cool and trading spices....ooolala! What some people won't do for cinnamon.

    maybe a stowaway? the possibilites are endless

    I'm jealous of all the fun you're fair...."let me in, let me in" you remember that song? "ooopweoooo.....weedoop, weeedoop, ooo, ooo, ooooopwedoooo" (please post if you know cuz it's in my head now and I don't remember the name of it)

    it's's SUPPOSE to be about FUN!!!!

  • ClaudeFRClaudeFR LionPosts: 376Member

    [quote]Originally posted by flamenca
    I'm jealous of all the fun you're fair...."let me in, let me in" you remember that song? "ooopweoooo.....weedoop, weeedoop, ooo, ooo, ooooopwedoooo" (please post if you know cuz it's in my head now and I don't remember the name of it)

    R.E.M., 1994 from the "Monster" album ?


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