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Pirates of the Burning Sea: Visit Preview, Part I

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

Today and tomorrow we are bringing you a behind the scenes preview of Pirates of the Burning Sea. Recently, Staff Writer Carolyn "Sylvene" Koh took the time to visit the Seattle office of FlyingLab and see the game. Here is part one.

image “… the sounds of a ship under sail… the snap of canvas, the creak of ropes, the slap of waves as a ship cuts through the water, the cry of a sea-gull, the chant of the crew… it will all be in, as will the boom of cannons, the whistle of the ball as it travels through the air, the crash as it hits your ship.”

PotBS has bragged that they want to have the best looking water in MMOs. Well, at this time, I believe that they do. The game started out with some beautiful graphics in the vistas shown at E3 in May 2005, and won a Best Graphics award from The graphics and animation had improved at PAX August of 2005, and the progression was even more obvious today. Bruce treated me to a quick tour of a few towns. The Pirate docks that we’ve seen screenshots of, a Spanish town with the pale sandstone colors of Spanish Colonial Architecture, a British town with steep Tudor gables and a galleon sailing on the Spanish Main with sails billowing and sunlight sparkling on rippling waves.

To read the entire article, click here.

Dana Massey
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  • DoomLordDoomLord PortsmouthPosts: 124Member
    image the more i read and see of this game the more i can't wait
  • mp3man4mp3man4 Milwaukee, WIPosts: 27Member

    Thanks for the Article. It was like a shot in the arm that will keep me going until release! PotBS FTW!!!

  • flamencaflamenca midland, MIPosts: 15Member


  • IijsIijs London, ONPosts: 457Member
    Great read Carolyn! And a good scoop on the languages... that's been a hot topic for the past few days. image
  • MarkerMarker MangaliaPosts: 77Member Common

    NO,NO,NO....not fair.
    i don't want to read nothing until is not ready.
    when is ready tell us but not before. At least i dont want to think of the game because i die slowly until it will be released

    I leave a trace in your life

  • l'Aasinl'Aasin bruggePosts: 13Member

    I'm really enthusiastic about this MMO. It looks very promissing and a little off the beaten path.

    I'm still a bit concerned that this game is going to be rather taxing on the PC even though they are pretty adamant about the scalability of the graphics options. High definition for water is always a bit consuming on a processor and with things being as graphically well done as they seem I think this ones going to be a good stress test for mid range GPU's.

    All in all I'm ready to slap on a eye patch, invest in a peg and get out the stuffed parrot! Yaaarrrrrr!!!!!

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