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The Chronicle: Developer Journal #9

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

Rapid Reality's community manager Luke D. Peterfreund has authored a new developer journal for that looks at player-character size and how it impacts gameplay. We also have one exclusive image of the game.

image“Size Matters” says Creative Director, Adam Ghetti. And indeed, in The Chronicle, it does. Instead of giving a general size to our Players, and not varying from that much, we’ve created completely different character types who size accordingly. With the Fairy being the smallest playable character type, at one foot (30 centimeters) tall, and the Treefolk being the largest, measuring in at 14 feet (4.3 meters), yes, size does matter. With 9 playable races, this will prove that although you might be looking down at your teacher, you will have to look up to their wisdom.

Keep in mind, size isn’t always everything. An old proverb says “The bigger it is, the harder it falls.” While this holds true in The Chronicle, it will have its balances. Larger Races, while easier to hit, will have a vast amount of life, as apposed to the smaller races, which will be harder to hit, but easy to bring down. With speed and agility factored in, it will be interesting to see the tactics our players will use against each other. Where size and racial features count, no 1 race will be able to outperform another. 

You can read the full article here.

Dana Massey
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  • theanimedudetheanimedude waterloo, ONPosts: 1,610Member Uncommon

    Well, I always knew the chronicle was trying to be new and exciting, but I am glad to hear even more experimental design by the team at MMOCenter.

    That is one thing I find nice about the smaller studios: theyre always ready to try something new.

    I, for one, am glad to hear that they have found ways to try and balance their diverse playing opportunity, and cant wait for them to finally finish up so we can test the first of their games ::::08::


  • _Seeker_Seeker MelbournePosts: 175Member

    Well said. I agree.

  • ElnatorElnator Chesapeake, VAPosts: 6,077Member


    Nice writeup by them but it's been done.  EQ did it.  Quite successfully.  Armor only fit certain races.  It wasn't as verbose about it but the same general idea was in use.

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  • DestrosDestros Jax, FLPosts: 2Member

    *double post*

  • DestrosDestros Jax, FLPosts: 2Member
    "Luke is awesome!  He's not just a good CM, he's a pretty good friend."
  • RrramiriarnRrramiriarn none of the abovePosts: 32Member

    i was there, luke made him do it...



  • JimLadJimLad ReadingPosts: 187Member Common

    In the actual thing it said:
    'The Fairy, at one foot (300 centimeters), will of course be the most difficult to hit.'

    Since when was one foot 300 centimeters? image
    Good to see such a broad choice in character design, it really adds to the RP side of things.
    Also the smaller characters going where big guys can't go is pretty cool.
    I just hope they balance it right.

  • anarchyartanarchyart north delta, BCPosts: 5,378Member

    Originally posted by Elnator

    Nice writeup by them but it's been done.  EQ did it.  Quite successfully.  Armor only fit certain races.  It wasn't as verbose about it but the same general idea was in use.

    In EQ only certain races could use certain types of armor, and dang you Elnator you got me missing EQ! In the Chronicle this idea will be taken to the next level and be much more specific to size/race. Sure looks promising!

  • gunungmerapigunungmerapi melbournePosts: 26Member

    I agree about the issue of balance. However I would prefer that the characters size makes the game more challenging and even hinders at times rather then being just a obscure statistic that goes unnoticed dureing real time combat.

  • rocqurocqu Raleigh, NCPosts: 28Member

    So if i was a fairy and found/stole some trolls bracer i could wear it for a suit of armor?

    Kinda scary what my fairy friends would say when they saw me wearing it.

    Anyway it could make a great piece of rollplay between friends. Cant wait to see what this beta looks like.

  • RocwellRocwell Atlanta, GAPosts: 21Member

    this game is genius!

  • daniellex55daniellex55 Woonsocket, RIPosts: 67Member

    I'm going to be a fairy just so I can fly circles aroud ya'll ! ::::39::


  • The-NitThe-Nit AarhusPosts: 32Member

    If a fairy is 300 centimeters the ogres will be HUGE.

    Whats so hard to understand about the metric system anyway?

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