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MU Online: Lost Tower Revealed!

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Webzen, Inc., developer and publisher of the world’s leading massively multiplayer online role-playing game “Mu Online,” announced today that the opening of the 5th world, “Lost Tower” on Mu Global last December 2nd has been a great success. In “Lost Tower” players will journey into the dark and mysterious eight-story tower and experience the wrath of Kundun through the beast that is called Balroc. Intense group play, 7 all-new monster types, and a vast range of new hunting ground give players an incentive to level up since players must be at least level 80 to gain access to this new world.

In addition to “Lost Tower”, a new server group called “Wigle” has opened on the same day as “Lost Tower” in order to accommodate the increasing number of simultaneous players of Mu Online.

Mu Global is an English service of Mu Online and is open to everyone excluding the users from countries where Mu Online is already being serviced.

Webzen's Mu Online currently has over 410,000 simultaneous players and 30 million registered members across the world and is currently being serviced in Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand.

- MMORPG.COM Staff -

- MMORPG.COM Staff -

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