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Final Fantasy XI: Version Update

ZoharZohar Southington, CTPosts: 673Member

Square-Enix has just released the information on their massive version update for Final Fantasy XI dated for December 15th. There is an incredible amount of updates (about 9 pages worth), some of the major updates are:

  • The level cap is raised from 70 to 75 following the completion of the "Shattering Stars" quest.
  • There are quests to gain new weapon skills.
  • Changes to the Samurai, Summoner, and Black mage two-hour abilities.
  • A change in the resistance job abilities against incredibly tough monsters.
  • New higher level spells.
  • The skill cap for synthesis skills will be raised to 100.
  • New synthesis recipes will be added.
  • The chocobo quest can now be completed at level 15 rather than 20. The time for riding a chocobo is lower for players under level 20.

The complete update list can be viewed here:

Playonline website:


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