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RF Online: Exclusive Official Lore

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

Codemasters has provided us with an exclusive piece of lore from RF Online, due to be released on their website tomorrow. You can read "Chapter 5" here on

imageDoctor Dohyun and his companions escaped the Lablum sector before its annihilation, beginning their voyage to nowhere. The search was for any inhabited galaxy containing human life. Messages were transmitted into the ether, only to be met with the silence of empty planets and the cold of space. Their journey, it would seem, would be a long and arduous one and with that prospect, the team continued on with their research into the Holy Mental.

Slowly over time, members of the research team and survivors of the disaster, began to die through natural causes. Time had slipped by for these last members of the Arcane Club, but Dohyun’s hope and belief of finding traces of humans kept him alive. Even after 30 years, his heart drove his passion for survival. With all but three members of the team now remaining, it was with huge excitement and relief when they discovered a planet, thriving with sentient life and human activity within the Novus sector.

To read the entire story click here.

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  • chazmyrchazmyr Yuma, AZPosts: 69Member

    I still can't wait for the beta, I hope I can actually play in it.

    THe world looks great, and this story rocks so far! ^_^

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