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Battlecruiser Online Dead?

KoltraneKoltrane Madison, MSPosts: 1,049Member Uncommon

Following the news that Dreamcatcher has changed the name of Battlecruiser Generations to Universal Combat, Smart's official website ( has removed links to its extremely uninformative BCO page.  Derek has posted links to several interviews, one of which contains the following excerpt:

"BCG was to be the very last Battlecruiser title, and the MMOG version was to keep that dream alive as long as those who wanted it were willing to pay to play it. I wanted to keep it alive (in the form of Battlecruiser Online) in much the same way you have a lot of age-old MUDs and MMOG titles which you don't hear a lot about but which are very profitable and have a dedicated fan base who sustain it. That would be my Battlecruiser legacy, the one I leave behind.

"At this point, I have no intentions of doing another Battlecruiser title. If UC takes off--as I suspect that it will--I will obviously grow it into a franchise. If UC becomes another franchise, each iteration will see more and more of the Battlecruiser mythos stripped, while retaining the fun elements we did right in the original debut. One can only hope."

It sounds like the MMOG is dead.  There's a hint of a possible MMO future for UC, but don't count on it "taking off" as Derek puts it.  His games are notorious for being denizens of the EB bargain bin and UC will probably be there quickly.  Also, Derek is now working on an Xbox action title, so it truly appears that BCO is in the grave.

Anyone heard anything about this?

Link to excerpted interview:

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  • SquareSquare Botwood, NFPosts: 254Member

    What does UC stand for?

    Edit: Nevermind, stupid question... lol

    Screw ENIX

    It's hip to be square.

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