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search begans me please :)

EykeEyke Virginia Beach, VAPosts: 60Member
hello, i am thinking on joining yet again another mmorpg(i know but if i find one i like it will be worth searching so much....i hope) well i have played ragnarok online and FFXI so far i didn't like FFXI to much, and stop ragnarok for being so full of crap(servers and vit people suck and i like wanna do some things but can't becouse vit people suck image ) but i am thinking of rejoining a making a vit spear kight : for the hell of it, i disliked FFXI becouse i never see anyone there really, i did give it a chase tho :P but i think i wanna move on rather not play EQ. just donno but i don't lol do you think their is another game out there or should i just start playing RO again?

::EDIT:: also on ragnarok noone is nice image i am poor form helping nubs out when they began and not getting any income(on nice person helped me get a bit back on my feet you know who you are image) i will probly not help anyone out till i ama rich mofo(ecomy really jacked)


  • BurningManBurningMan New Bedford, MAPosts: 613Member
    eq was my first mmorpg and ill never play it again. The pvp s ervers are full of careless fags. People will do anything for your money, I was killed once when i had like exactly 6 health and a fruit backstabbed me and s tole my money. Another time someone in my team attacked me and stole my money. Another time i just said hi and i got pked. The gms respond very very rarely sometimes it takes a day or two. The npcs are pretty  good though. But depending on your race it might not be so f un. I was a human and started in quynos or something like that, i went to go and level in newb zone and noone was there for like the 2 days i was level ing well there was 1 high level guys who were killing guards. When you are on non pvp  servers most players are nice. Id suggest that you wait for WoW or play DaOC



  • EykeEyke Virginia Beach, VAPosts: 60Member
    thank you image

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