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Dot Hack Sign ONLINE

GismolandGismoland BundabergMember Posts: 71 Uncommon

Does anyone consider this game to be good online style? The Anime Series looks so good you would love to be in there with them talking and hunting..

If anyone has heard or has ideas about Dot Hack Sign.. your welcome to reply..

Posting a Poll..


  • HiachiHiachi Crandall, TXMember Posts: 62

    I didn't really get into it much, but I did like the show and the game for PS2. However, from what I saw of the game itself (The World) seems pretty repetative. The main thing that I liked about the game was that the NPCs had AI (let's see this done in real life, to the extent it was done in the show...) and the fact that it was virtual controls, in that they actually moved their bodies to swing their weapons, etc., but I doubt we will see that kind of technology in games soon, much less in an MMO.

    Again, I like the show and the PS2 game, but 'The World', from what they both showed of it, seems too repetative or too farfetched for our current technology to handle.

  • RyusaiTenshiRyusaiTenshi Longview, WAMember Posts: 4
    not true in the shows specifically .hack//sign they only have a virtual view and use controllers, that look a lot like PS controllers I may add, which we are already currently developing the virtual technology. I would still like to see a .hack// mmorpg regardless of whether we have the same exact technology.
  • RyusaiTenshiRyusaiTenshi Longview, WAMember Posts: 4
    not true they actually did not have technology like that in .hack//, specifically in .hack//sign they had virtual glasses and controllers, controller that looked a lot like PS controllers I may add, I agree that the virtual technology is not readily available to the masses yet but to say that we are no where close to that type of technology is a lie because we are currently developing that technology.
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