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can anyone heal my illness?

bum37bum37 winchester, MAPosts: 127Member


I can't seem to enjoy any MMORPG's!

my first mmorpg was asheron's call, i began when it started and it was my favorite game.... but ever since it's downfall.. i've been playing this and that looking for a new mmorpg i can spend hours of my life to but I just can't seem to stick with it.  I get bored of it within a week and move on again trying to find another game...

anyone else having this problem?


  • magik_fxmagik_fx Appleton, WIPosts: 281Member
    I know exactly what you mean, I tend to go in a nasty cycle myself. I play one game for a month or so and get sick of it, move to the next and do the same thing. My latest one was FFXI, which only lasted about 2 weeks before i was sick of it and deciding which one to go back to. I've been through UO, EQ, AC2, DAoC, AO, EQOA and now FFXI...I'm already contemplating which one to go back to next. I don't know what to do anymore, i can't seem to last in one game and it's really started to get me depressed about MMORPGs in general. I just wish for once i could make it to the high end game without picking a game apart for its problems and quickly moving onto the next.

  • BurningManBurningMan New Bedford, MAPosts: 613Member
    if u had high levels friend on the mmorpg then it would be fun otherwise usally they boring as hell



  • digitydarkmandigitydarkman Colorado Springs, COPosts: 2,194Member
    starting out usually alwasy sux, but when you get high up its fun, but then when you get to high.. its not fun anymore.. kinda sux

    Ohh Im So Scary... BOO

  • magik_fxmagik_fx Appleton, WIPosts: 281Member
    Hmm i don't know if its necessarily high level friends, but friends in general. I made some really great friends in DAoC and i stuck with that the longest  because of them, so yes i totally agree with that. Unfortunately its getting very heard to meet a nice group of mature players in these games as of late. I joined EQ with a friend who had a 60 Enchanter back in the kunark days; it didn't make the game any more fun as i never seen him, but when he got on his alts around my level it was a great time. A good group of people make or break my playing experience.

  • thegravyboatthegravyboat Ellensburg, WAPosts: 89Member

    Just go back to ac1 :-P

    Seriously, probbly what im going to do till UXO or WOW.   I wish instead of make'n AC2 that the crew at turbine just beefed up the graphics of AC1.

    And for the record, Cow bell.  That can heal your illness.

    ~Best thing since sliced bread

    SWG-Ahazi- Kovoa DE/DOC
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  • DesperadoDesperado Irving, TXPosts: 467Member

    Aaaaaah the wonderfull nostalgia I get when I think of the times I played my first mmorpg- Asheron's Call..

    I think it's not just the game (although it is still my personal fav), as much as the feeling you got from your first mmorpg experience.  It's like your first love... first place of your own... that first high you got off of whatever (don't go there image).  Unfortunately my friends this comes with being a veteran of any subject.

    The impact/experience of these new games will never substitute that first game that drew you into the whole genre.  Now waaaaait a minute- I'm not saying that the games after are any less in quality, I'm talking about the emotional attachment (corny, yes) you develope to said game.

    In conclusion, my advise is to give your games a little more time.  You maybe passing over what could be a great game by not letting yourself get the most out of it image

    "A good man knows his limits, a Great man knows he has none...."


    "A good man knows his limits, a Great man knows he has none...."

  • TMcCTMcC Columbia, PAPosts: 218Member
    Dude just wait for Dragon Empires or Darkfall to come out. Well unless you dont care about pvp then just look at the game list and ratings and pick out just about any game that just came out this year with a nice rating. UO was my personal favorite by a landslide but that was years ago before the game got trammelized....image

  • BurningManBurningMan New Bedford, MAPosts: 613Member

    sometimes the mmorpg just sucks or there are some things about it that you dont like which make it boring. It's like this any rpg you play at the start is fun because its easy to level but then when you start to lose exp and get pked  and robbed and things like that it gets a big pain. What i did with my first mmorpg was i played for 2 months canceled account until i wanted to play it again. MMORPGs are way more fun when you are twinked up and "urba" or "buffed". Try to wait for a mmorpg the new mmorpg stampede is coming and when it does you will have alot to pick from so just wait until then.



  • FaremFarem San Diego, CAPosts: 49Member Uncommon
    Hey Magik? What was your name in DAoC. Because i played that game for 1 full year because of the buddies i met in it. I was in a guild that changed names about 3 times. I was wondering if i ever saw you in the game. my characters' names were Farem, Thaler and Incanus. Those were my main 3. These are the guilds i were in that changed names from first to last (as of last august). Dark Knights of Armageddon, Legends of Armageddon, and Pride of Albion. BTW these were all on the Merlin server. But yes, i know how you feel about getting bored of MMORPGs. FCheck this one out. its in beta still but i have been following it for about half a year now. It looks very good. Called Dark and Light at check it out. its very good. im gonna try this one when it comes out(sometime early 2004). Its kept me interested since DAoC. Speaking of DAoC, this is my opinion. But DAoC, to me, is the most organized and friendly MMORPG ever created. It, to me, is the best ive played. i havent played that much (AC, AC2, EQ, UO and LOTS of MUDs). But i think its the best. I hope you feel the same about DAoC Magik. It may not have the best graphics, but it is the friendliest and the most organized and stable one. Well. Tell me what your chars names were on DAoC Magik. I want to see if i have ever seen you. Or if you ever seen me.

  • magik_fxmagik_fx Appleton, WIPosts: 281Member

    I have a ton of characters but my main was Tieflin on Tristan, midgard. He was an SB i got to 45 but on merlin I had some characters in alb with the names Tieflin, Najat, Seraphin..think thats it. I've actually gone back to DAoC with 3 friends of mine. I got a whole new account so i'm not temtped to return to my old characters and abandon my friends. It's actually fun again, I think it took a couple bad games to make me realize how much fun i actually have in DAoC.

    So I've got a newbie skald on Guinevere and I'm having a blast again :)

    P.S.> I hear you about MUDs Farem; I used to play did i love that game.

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