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Ashen Empires: Expansion Launch

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common

Ashen Empires has announced the release of an expansion pack, titled "Talazar's Revenge". The expansion is a first for Ashen Empires and includes everything that you would expecyt from an expansion (see below). The product sells for $17.95US.

The first expansion pack for Ashen Empires is released!

The land of Dransik has has been preparing for the day when the Dark Lord Talazar would return to seek his vengeance. That day is today! Join forces in allegiance with Talazar or battle against the evil he brings in the first expansion pack for Ashen Empires, Talazar's Revenge!

Talazar's Revenge Features:

  • Overall level cap raised to level 105!
  • Massive amount of new lands!
  • New beautiful cities!
  • Many new creatures!
  • Hundreds of new items!
  • New Tradeskills! 
  • Jewelry crafting
  • Salvaging
  • Full Orb Reset through the Chaos Knight!
  • Hundreds of new quests!
  • Dynamically alter the world around you!
  • Battle in the Guild Arena!
  • Players can now alter the environment of the game!
  • New Skills available:
    • Critical Blast
    • Critical Hit
    • Dodge
    • Double Attack
    • Block (shield required)
    • Critical Heal,
    • Extended Duration coming soon!

Purchase the TR expansion for only $17.95us by logging into your Ashen Empires account at:

For more on Ashen Empires, click here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • moleculemolecule Greenville, SCPosts: 48Member

    Anyone play this game? It intrigues me because it seems similar to UO, but I only played it as Dransik "Classic" back when it was free.... and the community was not so great. What's it like nowadays?

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