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City of Villains: Interview with Jack Emmert

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

Jack Emmert, the Creative Director at Cryptic Studios, talked to our Laura Genender about his company's sophomore release City of Villains, which hit shelves on Monday.

image How do the Gladiator badges work?

Jack Emmert: Gladiator badges unlock different critters a player can summon in our new “pet” arena. In this battle, two players command hordes of mobs that battle to the death. At the moment, these creatures are drawn from City of Villains lore; these include the mysterious Coralax, the arcane Hordelings, and the countless Arachnos troop types. We’ll be adding more in the future. Some Gladiator badges are earned by defeating certain types of mobs, visiting different places in the world or winning matches in the Arena.

You can read the full interview here.

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  • LeppardLeppard Northwood, OHPosts: 21Member

    Good stuff!

    It's always something...

  • quix0tequix0te Altamonte Springs, FLPosts: 119Member Uncommon

    I had a couple of questions.
    Can a heroic character play with 'villainous' powersets right now?
    Will heroic characters be able to adventure in the CoV zones other than the PvP zones? Can I play in a heroic version of one of the islands?
    I tend to switch games every three to six months and I liked CoH for a while but there just wasnt enough content to maintain my interest after lvl 30 and the classes were gimp. The CoV classes are actually much more balanced and robust. If there was more space to adventure in and classes that werent lame, I would probably give CoH another go at some point.

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