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Horizons: AGC Coverage

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Staff Writer Laura Genender caught up to David Bowman - the CEO of Tulga Games - at this year's AGC in Austin to discuss Horizons. Here is the article, based on her interview with Bowman:

image On the night before AGC I got the chance to talk to David Bowman, CEO and creative director of Horizons: Empire of Istaria. With many events and updates in the works, players will be kept on their toes with an influx of content and contests. David also hinted at a big announcement that he will reveal at GenCon.

Last year, for one weekend near Halloween, the land of Istaria celebrated the Fall Festival. This was a ‘trick or treat’ event where players could visit various NPCs, some of which would give them special candy, which in turn could be exchanged for masks. The Fall Festival is an annual event now; this is its second year of celebration, and it has become a much larger event. The Festival now lasts four weeks and has tons of side quests, unique items, special festival grounds, and a high-end boss in addition to the old traditions.

You can view the full article here.

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