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City of Villains: Q&A Part 3, Two Screens

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

David "Zeb" Cook comes back for the third and final part of our three part Q&A series. Be sure to check out part one and two as well! In addition, we feature two exclusive screenshots.

image How do you propose to combat the problem of CoH having many more high level players than CoV in regards to PvP?

David "Zeb" Cook: Getting PvP where we want it to be is no small concern for us. We want to make sure it feels fun for all sides. We've taken what we've learned from building, playing and watching the Arenas and improved on it. The different PvP zones are set at different power levels, so players will be more or less equal. There are goals and objectives in the PvP zones that do and don't relate to PvP itself. And each zone has different gameplay so that players can engage in the kind of action they want.

You can read the full Q&A here.

Dana Massey
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  • usefuluseful Oakland, CAPosts: 85Member

    For me, too many of them. I'm eager to get into PvP with a full server population of villains and heroes. I want to play through every mission with all the new art, play the new archetypes like mastermind and corruptor. But what really excites me most, because I'm a designer at heart, is to start figuring out how we can take all the new things we've done in CoV and push them even further in the future.

    That is if there are any heroes that want to PvP. My experience playing City of Heroes is no one wants to PvP. During the peak hours, I would visit the arena to find like 5 people fighting during the peak hours.

    The PvP system is broken and only certain classes win at a fight. It certainly isnt tuned for 1 vs. 1 fights.
    Its tuned for large battle fights (5 vs 5)

    Im saying there will not be anyone who wants to fight PvP on City of Villains or City of Heroes.
    But, we shall see after CoV launches when the facts arrive.

    Im guessing its going to be a bust. PvE is what the City oF X series is about. Not PvP.
    We shall see.....

  • LrdHadesLrdHades atlanta, GAPosts: 163Member

    The COV expansion adds a PVP component to the game. Overall the PVP here provides the same types of PVP that you'd find in DAOC and other types of games that have PVP zones. People who don't want to PVP never have to step foot in them.

    COH was known for being grindy. That is a problem that will need to be overcome in order to generate hype within the established MMORPG PVP community. If we want a grindy character development process and some PVP zones, there are simply better games on the market.

    It doesn't matter how fun your PVP is if the character development aspect isn't fun, or you can't do anything without the frustration of dealing with groups. In the end we'll just have to see, but a lot of PVP guilds had people play COH when it came out just because it was something to do. The horror stories of the character development and how much grind COH took resounded through the community. COV must overcome that if it wants to mass market to that specific gamer group.

    I think its a great idea that there are zones broken down by character level, but in the end people need a reason to go to these zones. If the incentive is there, people will go.

    In the end we'll just have to wait and see how well it does. If they can overcome the stigma of grindy character development, and the PVP is fun enough to generate hype then they might have a hit. If its not an immediate hit, they they need to realize that they've got to do something with the character development process. People who play games to PVP don't want to deal with BS grind anymore, and there are plenty of other options. Be different and they'll probably exceed expectations.

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