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City of Villains: Interview, Part Two

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member

David "Zeb" Cook submits to the second of a three part Q&A about City of Villains today on The villainous designer chats with Staff Writer Neil Thompson on several topics in anticipation of their early November launch.

image Apart from bases, what have you developed to promote the communities from both CoH and CoV to interact?

David "Zeb" Cook: First, within each game we're providing some long requested enhancements to supergroups -- more ranks, more controls over who can do what, etc. and some special supergroup-only content. We want supergroups to come into their own with distinct personalities and purpose. For the community as a whole, we're adding 3 crossover zones at launch where heroes and villains can both go and take part in PvP play. Nor are we forgetting the PvE players. CoV players will see missions set in special instances of Paragon City to bring home the rivalry between the worlds of heroes and villains. With time, new missions for heroes will expose them to parts of the Rogue Isles.

You may read the full interview here.

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  • quix0tequix0te Altamonte Springs, FLPosts: 119Member Uncommon

    "With time, new missions for heroes will expose them to parts of the Rogue Isles."

    *Sighs* I'm simultaneously glad and sad that I've cancelled my account to CoH. I really loved the game when it came out and played it for about a year. But the grind is really horrific starting about lvl 30. Not just in the sense of leveling slowly, but in the sense that about that point the content recycles A LOT. I stopped at lvl 35 (I had a lot of alts) and my main must have done the CoT mystic base mission like 15 times in various incarnations. The first two or three I was blown away by how great it looked. By about #6 I was still appreciative, but recognized how BIG the place was. By the fifteenth time, I just didnt ever want to see it again. And thats the whole game in a nutshell. There simply wasnt enough content.

    And what I'm getting from this is that the content in CoV wont even be available to heroic characters until some later date.
    Add this to the fact that the new classes in CoV will not be available to heroic characters (about equally stupid), and I have NO incentive to get CoV.
    I dont have any interest in playing a villain and theres none of the (desperately needed) content for CoH.

    I would far prefer supers to fantasy, but I've been playing WoW for about 6 months now, havent really played anything but Horde, and I've played five or six different characters. Yet I rarely feel like I'm doing something over and over. Possibly because the advancement is brisk enough that I dont end up fighting the same things very long, and certainly because at any level there are five or six very distinct places to level. Certainly because they have three axes of advancement (levels, equipment, crafting skills) while CoH has only one after lvl 28 or so (leveling. Influence becomes a nonissue at that point).

    CoH has hands down the better combat in groups (with ALL of your enemies having cool special abilities you have to factor for at higher levels). But after fighting Tsoo for, literally, the 2,000th time, I just hate sorcerors and ink men, and I never want to see one again, and that goes double for the other enemies.

  • guklaolguklaol Douglasville, GAPosts: 6Member Uncommon
    I would think that for purposes of letting CoV players catch up in influence, power and basic class knowledge is why not letting high lvl ultra bored heroes slapping lowbie villains around is in place( limiting access to heroes to Rogue Isle). I can see how you can get bored with grinding out level after level on any game that is the nature of the beast when you look for level to measure accomplishment ANY game will leave wanting more, EQ,WoW, Guild wars etc. They all have uber lvl blahs before too long. I would suggest instead look at what it has to offer in added features, base building, PvP, this rumor of corrupting heroes to villains sounds neat. It is a waste of energy to expect a game that works on so many levels to try and access things that in the beginning don't matter in less then a few weeks or months. I say watch the forums and the website and give it a go before you yell dead horse about something that has not gone gold yet. If you played the beta and had a better insight it might then be fair to call it a" no point to try" game. It boils down to either you like it or you don't but have facts before you point out flaws. Opinions are better measured if they have more substanceimage.
  • quix0tequix0te Altamonte Springs, FLPosts: 119Member Uncommon

    This isnt an issue of balance between villains and heroes. They'll be matching them up by level and using that oh so sweet sidekicking mechanic to balance fights (maybe).
    This is an issue of a game that desperately needs more content ignoring content options.
    And as of a couple months ago, they were pretty adamant about not allowing the 'villain' classes to be heroes.

  • usefuluseful Oakland, CAPosts: 85Member

    The CoH game is already crippled with downgrades patch after patch to compensate for the PvP different in CoV and CoH. CoH character powers have been reduced by at least half to match the villains in CoV.

    I really cant see the company, Cryptic/NCSoft, balance out the PvP without resorting to nerfing the existing heroes/villains.

    Ill try to explain. At launch the game was tuned for PvE play. players vs. mobs/npcs. But as each patch went on, they kept nerfing (downgrading). Basically make you into a weak hero.

    CoV is a modified CoH system. It clearly wasnt designed for PvP, and yet they are forcing it for PvP play.
    PvP play in CoH is downright terrible. No one is in the arena. And ones who are play on the test server. Thats right! Not even on the live servers. What does this mean? A low PvP player count. Only reason I can think its low, its because it sucks!

    After CoV ships, theyll have no choice but to downgrade your favorite villain/hero in the next patch to adjust for imbalances in an imperfect system.

    The company (Cryptic/NCSoft) is awfully hard trying to push PvP as a main feature when its a busted feature in the first place. If they couldnt get PvP to work right on CoH, why bother try to get it right on CoV? Clearly the CoH population doesnt like PvP by the empty arenas. It's a failure. A completely and utter failure.

    They need to focus on PvE where the game does shine, not a feature where only two classes rule in PvP and no one else can win.

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