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I cant believe

CicceroCiccero Rossville, GAPosts: 136Member Uncommon

Horizons outlasted AC2 haha
That is embarassing in itself. Cutting loose of a assest that has no chance of showing a profit is a wise business move. Soliciting new players with free trials, 30 days prior to that ,it corperate suicide and unless those who paid are reimbursed i would say it would not be far fetched to see legal action as well on the part of newer subscribers. People who sub to another Turbine game,without seeing how this storm is weathered, are probobly not the brightest of people . Wanna buy some Time share ?? :p


  • ElapsedElapsed Posts: 2,325Member Uncommon

    AC2 was released before Horizons.

  • sschruppsschrupp Cedar Rapids, IAPosts: 417Member Uncommon

    Heh, AC2 came out over a year before Horizons. And Horizons' original company went bankrupt and sold the game to another company.

    Insert random misqoute here

  • vipjerryvipjerry ZagrebPosts: 157Member Uncommon

    Game had no concept whatsoever so i think its better to let it die.

    And 1 more thing game was already dead when it got in Turbine hands and Microsoft was the one who killed it.

  • RemyVorenderRemyVorender Riverside, RIPosts: 3,483Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by vipjerry

    Game had no concept whatsoever so i think its better to let it die.

    I disagree. The game had a fantastic quest story line, using instance zones to tell the tale. I loved this game at release, but slowly and surely the game went down the shitter with all of their "brilliant" ideas to make the game better.

    AC2 and SWG are the only 2 games I can think of that actually got worse with development.

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  • FalconoffuryFalconoffury Talahassee, FLPosts: 555Member

    For me, it's the opposite. The release was buggy and not enough stuff to do. I thought the game improved greatly over time.

  • jay-sinsjay-sins Port Charlotte, FLPosts: 7Member

    I tried one of there free trials and made sure to never buy the game. Great graphics and overall it could have been very solid but I felt characters were far too limited in the combat system and at certian parts of the day it was so empty on my server.

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