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thelawoflogicthelawoflogic mars, FLPosts: 750Member Uncommon
ill never forget you AC2!!!


  • TorakTorak xxxxxxxxxPosts: 4,905Member

    You never know what might happen. There have been a few games that have come back as free one's or sold to different companies (Rubies of Eventide and Endless Ages)

    I find it difficult to believe that Turbine is just closing it considering how much money and time went into AC2. You would think they would leave a server and use it a promotional tool. Like free access if you subscribe to any of their other games. Looking at the companies management track record it doesn't surprise me that they will simply drop it.

    Turbine is one of the poorest run MMORPG companies out there IMHO Just look at the track record

    AC was completely neglected in favor of AC2, BOTH were neglected to develope D&D online and Lord of the Rings. (similtainously) As a result, AC drops over time from 110K subscribers to around 20K, AC2 dies a slow death, Lord of the Rings goes COMPLETELY off track. (its missed its original release date by what....2 years now?) These guys are definately biting off more then they can chew.

    They could have FOCUSED on the AC franchise and come out much better. At one time AC was one of EQ's primary competition. Now look at it, AC populations rival Horizons.

    I'm not sure where AC2 went off track, all I know is based on my brief experience. The game felt empty and dull. There where no towns, no markets, no housing, no real way to communicate with anyone unless you got into a guild. (at the time I played) I wondered about the whole "no NPC's or city" thing from the start. That means no social centers for new players to gravitate to. Without at least a starter area, new people would just wonder around and loose interest, guess what? Unfortunately I was correct. People tried and dropped the game in droves. While all this was going on the original AC population was leaving en mass. Turbine did not even try to stop it. Bots over ran and infested every gameplay aspect. Third party apps where no only allowed but SUPPORTED. When I originally left AC and went to DAoC I talked to a few people and told them I played AC. Most laughed and made a comment about "isn't that the cheater or exploit game?" One person even gave me a /tell and said that DAoC admins wouldn't tolorate any hacks so I shouldn't play if I planned on using any" WHAT??? yes, at the time, thats the reputation AC players had - exploiters.

    Its to bad, I really liked the AC games at the time.

  • Storm.Storm. Posts: 255Member Uncommon

    Ac2 is ran on the same engine (just modified) that DDO and LotR are running. 


    All individuals working on Ac2 were moved to DDO or LotR because they are the most efficient at using the engine.

    the lead producer, however, went to star trek

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