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Dark Solstice: Dev Profile: Frank Ross

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Frank Ross of Black Masque Games is the latest person to take part in our developer profile Q&A series. His project, Dark Solstice, is known for its unique presentation and Frank shows where it gets it from as he goes the extra mile for this Q&A. You have what many would consider a dream job. What is your favorite part of it?

Frank Ross: The description is exactly right, a dream job. In fact it doesn’t really feel like a job. When you look forward each day to making some headway on the game, it makes starting the day enjoyable. When you really enjoy what you are doing, the job becomes so much more satisfying.

I think there are many parts that are great fun but here are a few that stand out. I myself have little artistic ability but when our talented artists make images come to life that were only a rough concept, it makes my day. We are fortunate to have some very creative people using their gift to create the world of Dark Solstice. You have seen the results thus far and from the early comments, it seems their efforts will be a hit. So, as I watch the world get created, I know this is my favorite part. I admit there are times when I simply stare at the artwork or go back to view it again and again.

Aside from the artwork, I really enjoy creating the concepts for Dungeons and Quests. All of us here feel that there is a lot of latitude for creativity in these two areas, and we think that Dark Solstice will offer some unique approaches to both.

You can read the full interview here.

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