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bye AC2

sorry to hear the game is geting shut down. hope everyone finds another game they like very soon


  • Wax_TeethWax_Teeth Houston, TXMember Posts: 10
    I demand that FEMA issue me $12.95 a month to the game of my choice until I decide where to subscribe. image
  • ClassicstarClassicstar rotjeknorMember Posts: 2,661 Uncommon

    yeh me 2 imageimageimage

    Even im not playing it for while when i started back in end 2002 played total of 14months ac2 have always been special to me had some great times and one of best communitys around.

    I alligiance in ac2 they realy help you they realy share stuff and realy quest with you even high lvls help lower lvls vassel system was one of best things.

    I play wow for 6 months now and community ,i play on 3 different servers is immature and dumb kids selfish and terrible in partys guilds are still full of selfish pricks and idiots.

    But i love the game on pvp server im not in guild anymore fed up with them.

    No ac2 i will surely miss and remember real feel off great community:)


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  • herculeshercules lancashire,blackpoolMember Posts: 4,875 Uncommon

    Like i always said most underrated mmorpg ever!

    I had a few good months on it and compared to some of the junk out there still alive(cough shadowbane) its pretty sad it died.

  • UltradethUltradeth Milton, NHMember Posts: 7


    When i read this on their forums, i felt bad aswell and i never even played the game... It reminds me of when i had to give up Everquest 1 and Everquest Online Adventures: Frontiersimage

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